Butter-Flavored Racism: 7 Things We Learned About Race In America This Week

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This has been the most stressful week in racism in recent memory, but at least we’re finally acknowledging the purple elephant in the room and actually discussing race in our not-so-post-racial society.

Here are seven things we learned about race in America this week. Take a look.

Racism pays

Paula Deen is just another racist ’ole bitty marinated in white privilege-flavored butter but somehow she’s more popular than ever AFTER the scandal.

Only in America.

Cr**ker is a racial slur

George Zimmerman’s defense painted Trayvon as a young thuggish racist for calling a creepy stranger who stalked and eventually killed him a “creepy a** cr**ker.”

So, the “C-word” is the equivalent of the “N-word” now and qualifies Trayvon as a racist? Seriously?

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Black-on-Black racism is getting worse

Trayvon’s friend Rachel Jeantel (who was on the phone when he was gunned down) definitely had a nasty attitude and demeanor during cross-examination but that doesn’t make these examples of vicious slander of her appearance or speaking ability acceptable. (See below)

She’s only 19—a baby, in High school, who experienced a traumatic loss—and represents a large population of America’s inner-city youth. So, slandering her is basically slandering our future.

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Blacks are too “uncultured” to appreciate quality wine

Black folks only like wine if it tastes like sparkling grape Kool-Aid, correct? Because we couldn’t possibly appreciate a glass of good wine with these (supposedly) unsophisticated palates, right? SMH.

Star minority athletes are more disposable (and unprotected by the Player’s Union) than ever

The New England Patriots cut Aaron Hernandez before the police could even tighten the handcuffs sparking media speculation into why they even bothered with a trigger happy “thug.”

Of course this is AFTER the star tight end signed a 5-year, $40 million contract.

Remember when star Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger was accused of r@pe TWICE and wasn’t cut from the team? White privilege is powerful.

Photo credit: SI.com

The shameless apologist business is a’boomin

White bigots are exposed as hatred-spewing racists. BLACK apologists swoop in to defend them with capes majestically flapping in the wind. Never fails.

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    Our Supreme Court just doesn’t get it

    The Supreme Court recently struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act which basically protected minority voters in places with a record of discrimination from being disenfranchised and turned away.

    Now these racism-torn regions would be able to enact policies which prevent minorities from voting without required approval from the Federal Government.

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