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Kirk finally exposes the real reason why he asked Rasheeda to abort their baby!

Kirk Reveals Why He Asked Rasheeda For An Abortion

Kirk and Rasheeda stopped by Streetz Morning Grind and he revealed why he demanded Rasheeda get a paternity test for the baby.

The reality star claims he and his rapper wife have had insecurities with infidelity in the past and a lot of those past situations lead to his anger issues. Kirk also says he wishes Rasheeda’s mom would mind her own damn bidness!

“I mean if you feeling a certain kind of way…At that moment in time, it was a lot going on. It’s so long to explain. It was one of them things where I was saying what’s on my mind, I was pissed off about a few things. Then Rasheeda mom all in the marriage. I mean I was like ‘Come on, it’s between me and you [Rasheeda.] You paying some bills over here? Let me handle mine.”

Rasheeda explains why she went to her mother to talk about the situation and goes HAM on Kirk for thinking she would ever creep around on him.

Kirk later speaks on a past time where he was asked to take a blood test by a groupie who thought he was the father of her baby.

“Here’s an example for me. This is one of my examples. And I know everybody gone be like ‘Ahh, what that got to do with…’ Let’s see, three years ago, all of a sudden, I get a phone call right? Somebody says ‘Yo, I need you to go take a blood test. I think this child may be yours.’ So another man is raising a child, I go take the little swab test, come back and it’s my son. So I found out I had a kid three years ago. But for me, as a guy…You can’t just always believe in what a woman tell you just because [she’s your wife.]…Somebody else just raised my kid ’til he was almost 18 years old. He just found out that I’m his father…It’s women in general. You gotta understand…Listen, why not check and make sure a child is yours? Why not?”

Rasheeda has forgiven this wankster. It’s always deeper than the rap. Hit the flip for the full interview…



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