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Check out Broccoli City. A couple of brothers from North Carolina have been educating the urban community about “Going Green”, and have created a line of organic shirts in support of their cause. Pop the hood to check out the line:

Bossip: Why is educating people on “Going Green” important?
Brocolli City: To be honest, there is a lack of information in the urban community about the environment and the “go green movement”. The EPA has millions of dollars allotted to educate people about going green and global warming, but very few dollars make it to the urban communities. As a matter of fact, studies show that the urban community is less likely to think about going green, for several reasons, but the main reason being that they don’t know what going green means.

Broccoli City is the pied piper between the urban/hip-hop community and the green community. We are by no means tree huggers, or radically preaching to people about the environment, but we are leading by example. BC is a way of life… emphasizing staying fly every day, but also being conscientious of the earth.

One simple way to Go Green is to remember to cut the lights off when not in usage.



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