Jesus Take The Wheel: 19-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide After Sheriff’s Office Jokingly Says He Is The Most Wanted Person Of The Month On Facebook

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The person that wrote that post needs to be fired.

Teen Commits Suicide After Facebook Post

According to Mail Online

A 19-year-old man committed suicide following a sarcastic Facebook post about his arrest warrant by his local sheriff’s office, his family said.

The sister of Andrew Cain is demanding an apology from an Idaho sheriff’s deputy she says harassed her brother on the social networking site in the days before his death.

Alise Smith said her brother’s decision to end his life was his own, but she believes the comments that he received about arrest warrants in Latah County became too much for him.

The sheriff’s office in Idaho posted a picture of Andrew Cain with the message: ‘We have decided that Andrew Cain is no longer the Wanted Person of the Week… he is the Wanted Person of the Month of June. Congratulations!’

Smith, of Pullman, Washington, said a deputy also sent private messages to her brother on Facebook.

Cain fatally shot himself Sunday, Whitman County Coroner Pete Martin said.

Sheriff Wayne Rausch told the Associated Press that a deputy did exchange messages with Cain, but the printout he saw showed it was Cain who initiated the exchange by telling the deputy he liked his new wanted poster.

The deputy replied that if Cain turned himself in, he’d give him a copy.

‘How this could be construed as taunting or rude or harassment or anything like that, I’m at a loss,’ Rausch said.

Smith said she understood the ‘wanted poster’ but felt the ‘congratulations’ comment and the private messages were an abuse of power.

Rausch said he told the employee who added the ‘congratulations’ to the post that it was not appropriate and not to do it again.

Smith told KLEW-TV that she received a text from her brother early last week that said he felt like putting a bullet in his brain.

The message included a screen shot of Facebook messages from a deputy, Smith said.

‘Eventually, it all just got too much to handle because other people were texting him and messaging him on Facebook and he just couldn’t handle all of the people telling him how awful a person he was,’ Smith told KLEW.

Both Martin and Rausch called the death a tragedy.

‘That he felt necessary to end his life over facing consequences is tragic,’ Rausch said in his statement.

We’re not being mean, but if that Facebook post was all it took for him to take his life then maybe his elevator didn’t go all the way to the top.

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