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Amanda needs to be stopped.

Amanda Bynes Attacks Drake’s Mom On Twitter

This leftover “All That” hoe is still breathing? Amanda, the only thing ugly is you. All that white girl you smoking got you lookin’ hella dusty. Get it together beyotch.

According to Mirror 3am

Another day, another crazy tweet from Amanda Bynes.

We don’t know about you (or the other 2, 454, 477 currently people following Amanda Bynes) but we sort of have a love-hate relationship with the wig-loving star’s twitter feed.

In true car crash fashion we’re scared to see what she’ll type next, but yet we can’t stop hitting refresh.

But now she’s laid into Drake’s mum Sandi Graham.

A new low even for her.

Amanda initally tweeted that she wanted the rapper to murder her vagina, but then decided he had “ugly gums, uneven teeth, ugly eyes.”


And now she’s tweeted this: The only person uglier than @drake is his mom,— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) June 28, 2013

In the past Drake has spoken out about how much he hates people being mean about his mother (totally fair enough really)!

He said: “I’ll tell you, my biggest thing was, I remember, it was on Twitter. I remember the day my mom was getting surgery and someone came on Twitter and they were like, ‘Yo, Drake, I hope your mom dies.’ You don’t really mean that. Like, you know you’re going to see something bad. Out of 1000 compliments, it’s so crazy. It’s basically, like, when you used to sit there as a kid, and want to know what everyone is thinking. That’s your superpower. [Twitter is] knowing what everyone is thinking.”

Amanda’s kitty kat is so polluted, it’s a breeding ground for maggots to reproduce. Who wants to murder that?



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