Michael Vick's Former Mistress Says He Abused Other Animals

Where Is PETA?!? Michael Vick’s Shady Ex-Mistress Says Pitbulls Weren’t The Only Animals He Was Abusing And Murdering

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But not all Vick’s pet birds were as lucky as Crystal, like Junior, as Escritor wrote:

When I met Mike he owned a bird named Junior. Junior would run around his mansion freely. I was so impressed with the way Junior spoke and just how clearly he did. I had never been that up close and personal to an exotic bird before outside of the zoo. Over time, Junior came to greet me by name and so I would always go out of my way to exchange greetings with Junior. Junior would follow me around, so much so that I fell in love with this adorable little pet.

Mike decided that the home he lived in at the time was too small for someone of his stature. So he purchased a home in the same neighborhood that was more suitable to the growing size of his bank account. It didn’t take long for Mike to move out of one house and into the other. Two weeks after Mike moved into to his new mansion, he invited me over to see it. It was beautiful. Mike told me that his mother was responsible for decorating the place. When I walked into the living room area I noticed a new bird cage that held two birds at one time. That is the day I met Crystal. She was beautiful and very intelligent. She kept saying things like, ‘I love you Crystal’ and ‘Shut the f*ck up’. I figured she picked up the cursing from being next to the living room TV’s that were constantly on the rap video channel.

After admiring Mike’s new pet purchase, I noticed that I did not see Junior walking around anywhere. So I asked where Junior was. That’s when Mike looked at me like a person does when they are going to tell you some really bad news. Mike then told me that he was in Virginia for the past two weeks and when he came back he noticed Junior was gone as well. So he asked all of the guys that he lived with where Junior was. No-one could tell him and no-one seemed to care.

Mike then told me that he hadn’t moved everything out of the old house and when he went back over there to check on things, Junior was still there and in his bird cage, dead. They had treated Junior like he was just another piece of furniture that they could just set aside and move at a later date. I felt bad for Junior and informed Mike that if he ever needed help with his new birds that I would be more than willing to lend a hand. He told me that because he was an Atlanta Falcon player, fans were always trying to give him birds, and so Junior was no big loss. There was nothing I could do for Junior at that point so I focused my attention on helping to protect the new birds from suffering the same neglectful fate.”

Accepting “full responsibility” for his role in a dogfighting ring, Vick plead guilty in 2007 to federal conspiracy charges under the weight of pressure as three associates prepared to testify that he brutally executed dogs and bankrolled gambling.



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