Race Matters: LAPD Supports Section 8 Hate Group That Labels Black People As “The Creeping Darkness” Who Are “Ghettoizing” Neighborhoods

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LAPD Supports Racist ‘Anti-Section 8’ Group Criticizing Minorities

The LAPD, which is home of the nation’s largest sheriff’s department, have yet again been put on blast for their shady antics against African-Americans and minorities in general.

This time, a Department of Justice Investigation into their police force unveiled the LAPD’s association with a section 8 hate group known for openly  making racist comments about the African-American community.

via Think Progress

The nation’s largest sheriff’s department has systematically targeted blacks and Hispanics for stops, seizures, and excessive force in two counties north of Los Angeles, a new Department of Justice investigation finds.

In results from a two-year investigation, the agency’s civil rights division found that police practices ranging from overt racist comments to illegal searches and arrests plagued the region known as Antelope Valley, as its population changed from primarily white to two-thirds black and Hispanic.

Residents vocally associated an increase in recipients of federal housing vouchers with race, writing on a Facebook page entitled “I Hate Section 8,” that the neighborhood was being “ghettoized,” and lamented “the creeping darkness.” Among the illegal police practices was aggressive police investigations and searches into primarily minorities’ eligibility for the vouchers, with police even sending photos from voucher recipients’ premises to the organizers of the ani-Section 8 movement.

Other evidence of racial bias included statements by officers that all new African American residents of the region were gang members, routine suspicionless detention in police cars of domestic violence victims and minor traffic offenders, and excessive force incidents overwhelmingly against minorities.

A statistical analysis found that officers were far more likely to stop and/or search blacks and Hispanics, even controlling for the crime rate by race, and even though the likelihood of finding contraband on minorities was 50 percent lower

We doubt anyone is surprised to hear that the LAPD are the leaders of the racial profiling movement against African-Americans, but the fact that they were sloppy enough to support this openly racist group and got caught speaks volumes of their “professionalism” and regard for their jobs period.

Big dummies united.


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