Where Are You Yeezy? Kimmy Cakes Going Cray Stuck In House All Alone With Newborn North While Baby Daddy Hangs With “Hot Blonde”

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Poor thang! Kimmy Cakes is having a rough time being isolated in luxury with her newborn baby girl.

Via RadarOnline reports:

Kim Kardashian’s first weeks as a new mommy have been spent with her daughter surrounded by her family but RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that she’s telling friends she’s going “stir crazy” at home all the time.

After giving birth to her daughter North West with baby daddy Kanye West, Kim has been homebound while she bonds with her daughter, but she’s apparently already getting restless.

“Kim really loves being a mom and she can’t get enough of baby North, but being in the house all the time is making her stir-crazy,” a source told RadarOnline.com.

“She says she feels isolated and wants to get out of the house but she can’t because she doesn’t want her picture taken by the paparazzi.”

hile it hasn’t been announced where the first pictures of Kim and the baby will be published and it’s possible little North could make her debut on grandma Kris Jenner’s new talk show, the source said Kim is completely aware of the fact that she can’t mess up any deals that are in the works.

“Kim knows that her baby pictures could bring in a lot of money, millions even, and so she has to guard her very carefully. So she’s staying at home but she is saying it is getting overwhelming not to be allowed to leave the house.”

With her step-father Bruce Jenner moving out to a Malibu mansion all the focus is on Kim and the source also said that she’s telling friends she’s feeling the pressure.

“Kim would love to be able to leave the house the way she used to, especially with baby North, but for now she’s saying that she has to stay home and that’s starting to make her nuts.”

SMH. Her life is just so hard. We feel so bad for her. Sike!

Kimmy Cakes we know it’s hard not being out and about sloring for attention, but really? It’s not gonna kill you to chill for a little bit and focus on your family. Might we suggest some Candy Crush saga to keep you preoccupied?

Oh… and there’s an update with bad news on Yeezy’s whereabouts. Hit the flip for that.

While Kimmy Cakes was home nursing Nori, Yeezy was out being sleazy!

Via Radar reports:

Apparently it’s not just new mom Kim Kardashian who’s feeling the effects of cabin fever since the birth of North West.

Sunday night, Kanye ditched his baby mama and new daughter for a house party at Jamie Foxx‘s Hollywood crib, where he was reportedly spotted being “touchy” with multiple women and hanging with a hot blonde past 2 am.

Kanye made his appearance at the VIP lounge of the Malibu Red party in Jamie’s Thousand Oaks home.

“He was having a great time,” an onlooker at the party told Life and Style. “He seemed excited to be on the scene again, hanging out with Jamie.”

But despite his new daughter with Kim, Kanye seemed very interested in the female party guests.

“He flirted up a storm with several women,” Life and Style claims, “hugging ladies left and right.”

“These were pretty touchy hugs,” the mag’s source said. “He would rub ladies backs and had this smug look on his face while he did it. He was loving the attention.”

In fact, Life and Style claims, he quickly zeroed in on blonde model and actress Katarina Van Derham, and spent “a while” talking with her.’

He eventually left after 2 am.


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