Boo Boo Da Fool: Women We’re Laughing At For Being With Their Dirty Dogs

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Women Who Are Dumb For Sticking With These Men

You ever have that friend who stays with a horrible significant other and you try to tell him or her to move on…but they won’t? You remember how frustrating it is? Well, these celebrities are the same way. We watch these dirty dogs dog these women out and they stay with them while we just have to laugh at their decisions.

So let’s salute these boo boo da fools.

Joseline – We all wonder why she keeps fawning over Steebie even though he ain’t worth a damn. Someone explain.

Rasheeda – Why did it even get to the point where he dumped her. She should have known better.

Jada Pinkett Smith – Jada has turned a blind eye to Will’s actions. All the stuff she talks about open relationships don’t mean anything at a certain point.

Karrueche – You took this fool back…again?!

Rihanna – Yeah, we laughed at her for going back to Breezy after he beat the breaks off her.

Vanessa Bryant – She took Kobe back…and he was still looking for Beckys at the Olympics. C’mon boo boo.

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    Lindsey Vonn – Basically anyone who tries to trust Tiger has got to be slow at this point.

    Chrissy Tiegen – Everyone is laughing at her for, well, being blind to other things.

    Adrienne Bosh – Yeah, she’s gotta suspect something. Right? Seriously.

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