Rolling Stones: 9 Celebrity Men Who Are The Biggest Slores In The Game

- By Bossip Staff
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Men in the entertainment industry hop from kitty kat to kitty kat and rarely wife these women. Some men even share their partners.

Here are 9 men who are known for their ho-like ways.

Chris Brown

Chris would bust a nut in Karrueche’s hello kitty and then snuggle up with Ri Ri. Eww…that’s how you spread disease. Oh and he phucked Karrueche’s friend…that’s breaking the code homie.

Stevie J

Stevie J is a “how you doing?” hoe. Ninja runs around with females who look like transgendered men. Do better.

Lil’ Wayne

There will always be hoes to swallow Lil’ Wayne’s babies. The ninja has five kids…..he just breathes on a beyotch and gets them pregnant. Slow it down.

Ray J

Ray J’s black peen is not even worth swallowing his babies, but women ride this ninja like white on rice. He phucked Kimmy K and Superhead. Hoes recognize hoes.

Joe Budden

Joe’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. Joe swings his peen at anything walking…..enter Tahiry. How you leave your young hot girlfriend for those cakes?

Justin Bieber

Justin couldn’t keep his wigger peen in his pants to keep Selena Gomez…how you phuck that up?

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    Eric Benet

    He was such a hoe his azz had to be treated for sex addiction….and he lost Halle Berry. Damn homie.

    Tiger Woods

    This half black, half Asian ninja isn’t fooling us….we know he’s still smashing beyotches with no condom.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Judging from this picture, Arnold didn’t care what he stuck his shady azz peen in…dude just said phuck standards.

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