The Goods: Men Who Are Known To Slang The Wood

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Men Who Are Supposedly Good In Bed

We already showed you some women who are known to have spectacular box…but what about the men? These guys have been getting good reviews for a while slanging that D like the Pistons.

Take a look at some men who are known to lay it down and the women who they made happy.

Chris Brown – Rihanna has hinted that she got what she needed from Breezy and the leaked photos have insinuated the same. Guess he…beat it up? Too soon?

Robin Thicke – Paula Patton has bragged about how much she loves getting it in with her hubby because he wears her out. Dammit.

T.I. – Tiny has gone into explicit detail of how happy she is plus this groupie isn’t complaining.

Lil Wayne – According to Superhead, he’s a passionate lover who put in work. Really?

Ray J – Well…you saw what happened.

Jada Pinkett Smith – She said that she and Will like to get it on in public places and she’s more than happy. *cough*

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    Michael Douglas – He may be too old to lay it down, but he’s admitted to loving dining at the finest of Catherine Zeta-Jones’ choice offerings.

    Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie said he was a “man in every way”…and you’d have to be to make her happy.

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