Catch Fade: Future’s Security Guard Gets That Work By Goons Over Future Owing Scrilla

- By Bossip Staff

Future said no checks will be cut.

Future’s Security Guard Gets Jumped

Future, how you let your boy get his azz stomped over your debt? That’s not how real ninjas move my G. Future is no better than 2 Chainz’s lame friends who scrambled like a bunch of cockroaches when ninjas brought that heat. Damn shame.

According to Tattle Tailzz

Ciara and Future were partying together after the BET Awards 2013 Sunday night at Greystone Manor night club, word on the street is Future’s security guard Rosco was attacked by the LA Based gang the Rolling 60′s for a debt Future owes. It appears they were trying to get to Future but attacked his security guard, according to the source Future owes the Rolling 60′s money and the nightclub security got Future and Ciara out in time before the Rolling 60′s reached him, but we are told his security (Rosco) is still hospitalized. If you were there you witnessed the chaos the cops were everywhere from the helicopters above to patrolling the parking lot. We are told the ambulance rushed Rosco to the hospital.

Future is suppose to be making all this scrilla, so how does he owe gang members money? Homie needs to get his bread up….he may be a bullisht rapper, but we don’t want to be signing his toe tags.

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