For Discussion: Report Shows Most Americans Believe Black People Are More Racist Than Whites

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Report Shows Most Americans Believe Blacks Are More Racist Than Whites

Are black folks really more racist than whites???

Via Washington Times:

Americans, by and large, see blacks as more racist than whites or Hispanics, a new survey said on Wednesday. But political ideology plays a large role in the findings, Rasmussen Reports said. Rasmussen found in its national telephone survey that 37 percent of U.S. adults believe blacks are racist, compared to 15 percent and 18 percent regarding whites and Hispanics, respectively, as racist. The report stipulated that the respondents were asked about ethnic groups in America, not around the world.

Break down the survey by ideology, however, and the numbers are radically different. About 49 percent of conservative Americans consider blacks the most racist ethnic group, while 12 percent regard whites the most racist. And about 27 percent of liberal Americans saw whites as the most racist, and 21 percent, blacks. By political party: 49 percent of Republicans say blacks are the most racist; 29 percent of Democrats agree; and so do 36 percent of “unaffiliated” respondents.

Rasmussen said: “Among black Americans, 31 percent think most blacks are racist, while 24 percent consider most whites racist and 15 percent view most Hispanics that way. Among white adults, 10 percent think most white Americans are racist, 38 percent believe most blacks are racist and 17 percent say most Hispanics are racist.” In general, only 30 percent of all Americans believe race relations in the United States are good or excellent, the survey found.


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