Twitter Files: Is Hip-Hop Beef Brewing Between Hov And Kanye Over Magna Carta Holy Grail?

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We called it from a mile away! After a mere three weeks of languishing in the spotlight thanks to his controversial “Yeezus” album, Kanye West was overshadowed once again by “Big Brother” Jay-Z due to the mega-marketing force behind his surprise project “Magna Carta Holy Grail” which dropped at midnight on July 4th to some lucky Samsung Galaxy users.

In the photo above you’ll find Yeezy stepping out for lunch at Marmalade Cafe in Calabasas. But that’s not all he did. While the whole world was listening to Funk Flex drop bombs on Magna Carta Holy Grail via live internet stream (or struggling to get their MCHG Samsung apps to work) Ye was tweeting about other stuff… Trouble in paradise?


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Wait, so while everyone is tuned in to Hov’s new album — Ye wants to talk about Guillermo Del Toro movies?


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If you didn’t already know this about Magna Carta Holy Grail, the 16-track album boasts features from Beyonce, Frank Ocean, Rick Ross, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Swizz Beatz, & Timbaland. Yep… No Kanye

1. Holy Grail (feat. Justin Timberlake)
2. Picasso Baby
3. Tom Ford
4. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt (feat. Rick Ross)
5. Oceans (feat. Frank Ocean)
6. F.U.T.W.
7. Somewhere In America
8. Crown
9. Heaven
10. Versus
11. Part II (On the Run) (feat. Beyonce)
12. Beach Is Better
13. BBC (feat. Nas, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Swizz Beatz, Pharrell & Timbaland)
14. Jay-Z Blue
15. La Familia
16. Nickels and Dimes

We did some research and discovered that Timbaland and Ye bumped heads during the making of ‘Blueprint 3’. Wonder if that has anything to do with Kanye being excluded.

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Via Carl Chery’s Tumblr:

I remember when we got to this beat, “Heartless” and Kanye was like, “Nah , this [is] for my album. I was like, “Come on, fam. We gotta just finish this [Jay-Z’s] album, it’s nothing. He was like, “no, no, no, I’m doing an album, which led to us being on this roll. We just did [808s & Heartbreak] in like three weeks pretty much. Then that left him having to go tour, which left Jay-Z like, “Wait a minute? I thought y’all was doing my album.” Then that led to him going to work with Timbaland and Timbalnd making all these songs that were just in a whole other direction. We went out to New York to work one time and I told [Young] Guru, “We’re not gonna get Kanye’s attention on this unless Jay comes to Hawaii.” That led to Jay coming to Hawaii. Jay came and Jay had Timbland come. Timbaland felt like, “Hey, man. I can do this whole thing and this should be the direction.” Kanye was like, “No, no, no. This is too commercial. It needs to be hardcore hip-hop, Jay-Z, Roc-A-Fella, and they were arguing. I was like, “I’m not gonna argue, I’m gonna do the record, so I did D.O.A. while they were arguing about it. And Kanye came and heard it through my headphones and was like, “Let me hear that. Yea like this. This is what we need this.

Wow… Pretty intense.

All that said, on a scale of Low Sodium to “Your Blood Pressure Is Fawked” — just how salty do you think Kanye is about the timing for and his exclusion from “Magna Carta Holy Grail”?


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