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Your favorite sisters, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, were back in Manhattan preparing for a few hours of shopping and pseudo-photo ops. Vanessa is a cutie and Angela…likes bright colors.

A couple more when you…

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  • CC

    Hmmm.. you are basically saying that Vanessa looks much better than Angela.

  • Janelle

    I like them, matter fact, I like that family….

  • chewchew

    Get some free shit

  • Yeah

    I think they are both gorgeous. Why bossip tryina start some unnecessary drama for?

  • Sammie

    They’re both beautiful!

  • A screen name is hard to find....just like a good man is

    what’s wrong with bright clothes?

  • keisha

    Yhey are both nice looking women.

  • james

    I agree with bossip. Vanessa>Angela>lil wayne

  • WhoDat

    They are both sweet beautiful young ladies. A little on the boring side but lovely just the same. i personally find the males of the family a little more interesting. Russy, Diggy and JoJo!

  • Oshie's Weekend Madness

    They’re both cute, but watching their show is proven to cause rapid brain decay.

  • ari

    what’s the big deal with these girls anyway? No talent and no job, trying to be the new (but slightly more “prude”) Paris and Nikki Hilton living on their surname. Give me part III of the Kanye interview!

  • *Treasure*

    That is not nice Bossip. Anyway, I like their show. I think Runs house is more entertaining because they have more people to focus on. I am getting bored with just vanessa and Angela.



  • ash

    Oh I love them and their show!!!!

  • GoodKarma4me

    Seriously people if you all are hating on the Simmons sisters….then you all are just pure haters for no reason. Cause i mean what is there to hate. They are hard working sisters, who are not just spending their daddy’s money and living off his fame. Come on people. You guy are better than that. We got a black president for god sakes!

  • gayer than christmas and new years


    I see they’re wearing Ugg boots.

    Where is the COMPETITION?

  • ashton

    ^^what a stupid screen name^^ i take offense to and new years are not gay. you are.

  • gayer than christmas and new years

    Oh yes Christmas and New Years are SOOOOOO gay. I’ve been friends with both of them for years. Christmas came out on Halloween and New Years came out on Easter. Ashton sounds like you got cyber hate and religious zealotry in your brain. Get help before you start acting like the corny younger sister vanessa. I bet you wear uggly boots to parties, with your lazy azz.


  • Krissy

    All I got to say is that Joseph (in da bible) was the only one who was suppose to have that many colors

  • jillibooboo

    Vanesa>Angela>Lil wayne

  • jillibooboo

    and their show is heading straight to canceled town…doesnt angela ever stop talking?

  • that's hideous

    angela is cute too!!

  • MzBrwniiz

    @ Reese615..what does No. Mean?

  • wordtobigbird

    People still wear UGGs?


    hellz yea…ppl still wear uggs
    i need to buy some new ones

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