UOENO: 8 Secret Celebrity Relationships NO ONE Knew About

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It’s nearly impossible to hide a healthy relationship from the thirsty paparazzi but everyone on this list managed to get married (or smash and have babies) without exclusive pics of them together splashed across tabloid front pages.

Here are eight secret celebrity relationships NO ONE knew about. Take a look.

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Kerry Washington & Nnamdi Asomugha

Kerry rode off into the sunset with Django and bust it wide open for President Fitz before coming home to a pro baller and NO ONE knew? HOW is THIS possible?
But, then again, this explains why the All-Pro corner lost ALL coverage ability last season and bolted from Philly to the 49ers.

50 Cent & secret baby mama Daphne Joy

Between successful business ventures and beefing with ex-BFF Floyd Mayweather, 50 found time to knock up a beautiful (but likely filthy) model Daphne Joy who just so happens to be cool with Floyd’s fiancée Miss Jackson. Yep, pure reality show-worthy fawkery ahead.

Lil Wayne & Lauren London

No one knew the condom-allergic gremlin and talentless beauty were smashing until she announced her pregnancy after yet another Weezy pull-out gone wrong.

Sadly, “New New’s” box value dropped sharply but at least she’s the prettiest of Weezy’s legion of baby mamas.

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Michael Ealy & Khatira Rafiqzada

The low-key swirly couple secretly wed in a private ceremony after four years together and, yes, every Black woman who had lusted over him was furious.

Omari Hardwick & his very white secret wife

Soooo Omari Hardwick (who gave Janet HIV in “For Colored Girls”) knocked up and wifed some random odd-looking white lady that he rarely talks about, ever, but supposedly LOVES Black women? Hmm, interesting.

Eddie Murphy & Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown

The fertile funny man (who has seven kids) knocked up a Spice Girl then publicly denied the Scary Spicy seed before a blood test proved the child was, indeed, his.

Eddie Murphy creepin with a Spice Girl behind Johnny Gill’s back? No one saw this coming or had a clue this was happening.

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    Ryan Reynolds & Charlize Theron

    A more beautiful, less famous, talented or relevant version of Brangela? Absolutely, but they split right before everyone caught on.

    Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig

    James Bond and the pretty British lady from the Mummy movies were secretly wed in front of four people in June 2001 and no one knew until they showed up to Hollywood events, married.

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