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For a girl who claims she hates strip clubs, Rihanna sure does know how to have a little bi-fun with her friends. Here is another picture of Rihanna spending some quality time with her friend.

We have a feeling this friend she is pictured with in these positions has been under her Umbrella.

FILL IN THE BLANK: The real reason Camel signed Rihanna ‘on the spot’ was______________.

Images via Egotastic

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  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    Oh well






    She’s a very talented young lady wit’ a lil freak in her.

  • missy
  • me

    cuz she caters to a different camel need.

    wow…these entertainers need to be careful about the things they say, do and leave permanent evidence of. case in point…put your damn leg down girl.

  • Karma

    The real reason Camel signed Rihanna ‘on the spot’ was She does things his girlfriend would never do.

    That and her fo head and his nose match.

  • reddnwood

    I like Rhi Rhi better when she’s doing the girls instead of those lame white boyz! LOL!!!

  • mellisa

    i hate that people act like girls dont take pics together all the time…. i could understand if rihanna was chris brown and he was on a male dancer but come on

  • John

    I don’t know what to say! I like her! I don’t see anything wrong with her having fun with her friends. This don’t make her Bi or anything or we all will be in trouble!!


    Is Rihanna a gay?

  • here we go

    so now females cant take pics with their homegirls having a good time? GEEZ! its really hard being a woman b/c EVERY single thing you do is scrutinized

  • Mary J Blige

    @ here we go

    i guess getting raunchy wid ur GIRLS is considered a good time/fun these days? and there was me thinking lesbianism is a sin. my bad

  • beeeyotch

    is that omarion in that pic wit the green sweater lookin cracked out? somebody help me! LMAO

  • That's Beside The Point!

    WTF? @ Sun Goddess or whatever!

    and that do kinda look like omarion in that picture! OMG!

  • kai

    Well if you gotta be a lez at least do it with an attractive woman lol..

  • sitfu

    She do look good, can’t hate on that.

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  • ItsAllReal

    rihanna can get it….specially when that fo’head is covered.

  • Lili

    I love Ri’s outfit…I think that joint is so hot.

    And plz…girls take scandalous pics with each other all the time.

  • La. Finest

    @ mushyinfected

    Reading yo post got me lmao and grossed out at the same time. Really you could have left the ending

    Anyway Rihanna just attention hungry, they keep taking pictures of her and she milking it for all its worth. And lmao off at that low budget Omarion.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    @ Mary J you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about… “back on di islands u kno dey finna hang dem chichi gyals pon de tree.”


    Wrong island! In Barbados, we are a lot more tolerant and it’s not a habit to hurt or kill gays, bi’s, trannies, etc. The most folks will do is some name calling, but it’s not a cultural habit to destroy homosexuals. I mean, during Crop-over (similar to Carnival), trannies parade around and nobody bothers them.

    Anyhoo, obviously, she is having fun with her girlfriends and it’s no big deal. Now I guess ass clowns are gonna start trying to label her. Silly rabbits!!


    Never mind Ri! who’s the ho with her? I’d definitely hit that from the back!!!

  • Leah

    I am from Barbados myself and I must agree w/ Just Sit And Be Pretty

  • Big Bazz

    The real reason Camel signed Rihanna ‘on the spot’ was______________.

    to see rihanna blowing her friend’s back out

  • Big Bazz

    lol, just playing, rihanna’s cool

  • milian

    I’m sorry, but rihanna is so hot, I am not a lesbian, but damn she could get it!!!

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