Sausage And Eggs: Man Comes Home To Nekkid Stranger Cooking Breakfast In His Kitchen

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Man Finds Clothless Stranger Cooking Breakfast In His Kitchen

A Canada man got an unwelcome surprise recently when he came home to a bare-bodied stranger cooking in his kitchen. While the two other roommates who live in the home were there at the time, they said they just assumed noise in the kitchen was one of the other roommates.

via Toronto Sun

Police are reminding residents to not leave open doors or windows unattended, unless they’re looking to attract naked and hungry trespassers.

That’s after an east Vancouver man found a disrobed stranger cooking eggs in his kitchen at suppertime on Monday.

“It’s a humorous story because this guy didn’t get violent or anything, and he was arrested and nothing was taken and nothing was damaged, but it’s a great reminder for everyone,” Vancouver police Const. Brian Montague said. “He even showered before making himself dinner.”

Montague said two roommates were home at the time, but thought the household noises they heard were just the regular sounds of a shared house, until one of the men entered the kitchen to discover the stranger and called police.

The trespasser is a Burnaby, B.C., man of no fixed address who is well-known to police, Montague said, adding that drugs most likely played a role in the break-in. Investigators are recommending a charge of being unlawfully in a dwelling house.

Ohhhhh, Canadaaaaa.


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