Pain And Suffering: Medical Examiner Says Trayvon May Have Lived An Agonizing 10 Minutes After Being Shot By Shady George Zimmerman

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Sweet baby Jesus…

Medical Examiner Says Trayvon Martin Might Have Lived Another 10 Minute After Being Shot

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The medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on Trayvon Martin’s body testified today that the Florida teenager lived from one to 10 painful minutes after he was shot in the heart by George Zimmerman, and that the wound was impossible to survive.

Dr. Shiping Bao testified after Martin’s mother and brother took the stand as the prosecution nears completion of its case against Zimmerman.

Bao told the court that Martin, 17, was shot in the heart and said, “There was no chance he could survive.”

The medical examiner said that Martin would have lived anywhere from one minute to 10 minutes after being shot as his beating heart ran out of blood to pump.

“His brain is still alive?” prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda asked.

“Yes,” Bao replied.

“He can still feel pain in other words?” the prosecutor asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

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De la Rioda asked whether Martin would have been able to move after he was wounded.

“From my experience and another autopsy we did three weeks ago, I don’t believe he could move,” Bao said.

Bao’s claim that Martin would have been unable to move could cast doubt on Zimmerman’s version of what happened during their violent confrontation on Feb. 26, 2012.

With the trial coming to a close soon everyone (including us) is on pins and needles awaiting a verdict.

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