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Jay-Z is definitely doing it up, promoting his American Gangster album. He has the ability to switch the style up real quick, hitting up 106 & Park yesterday and doing an interview with Charlie Rose prior to that.

Check out Hov’s interview with Charlie Rose under the hood…

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  • EP

    How does a camel “swag” ?

    With plenty of money, of course!

  • mydixiewrecked

    2nd is the new first, snitches!!!!

  • sasha

    he’s ugly

  • Coop

    The album is a classic

  • Yaaahhh Bytch Yaaaaaah!!

    man…i guess

  • blu majic

    HOVA da god!!! Jay-Z is the greatest…haters!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maya

    The album is hot!!!!! He never lost it, so….

  • UptownGirl

    Show this clowns how it’s done Jay. Yup!

  • Bahama Mama

    any1 watch the special Storytellers on VH1 last night?? It was KOOL!!!

  • foole

    I like his album…I heard that he appeared on a millionaire&celebrity dating club with a personal account there. Is it real or just a rumor on internet?

  • greenivy


    I checked it out. It was cool. I LOVED the live instrumentation. I was quietly hoping they would release it as a “live” album – kinda like his unplugged joint.

  • foole

    I really like his album, he is great!i heard that he appeared on a millionaire&celebrity dating club with a personal account there. Is it real or just a rumor on internet?

  • Sandy

    He is the winner!

  • greenivy

    that was a pretty cool interview.. Charlie Rose really seems to ‘get it’/ I appreciated that. SMH at the first label as “Jay Z – grammy winner”!! WTF? Then later somebody pulled the cat aside who put that ish up there and musta pulled the belt out on him cause the second label was more accurate…

    Trippin about envisioning Puffy running around his house in socks while music blaring!! He prolly really said that! HA!

  • MS.PHE

    Who gives a damn about Jay-Z old ass. He is not doing anything for black people. And he needs to dress and act his age. Why are people giving him so much respect. He has a son, and has totally denied it. The little boy looks just like him. He has that same JOE CAMEL FACE, AND THOSE BIG ASS LIPS!!! I am so sick of hearing people jock him, like he is the greatest rapper there is. If he were to ever have a battle rap with KRS-1, NAS, RAKIM, AND EVEN KANYE, they would blow him TOTALLY out of the water. He is truely lucky to be able to gain as much publicity that he does, because if it weren’t for Beyonc’e being his girlfriend, or TUPAC AND BIGGIE BEING DECEASED, NOBODY WOULD BE THINKING ABOUT HIS OLD, UN-EDUCATED, NON-SPEAKING CORRECT ENGLISH ASS. GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shann934

    Money sure can make someone look good.

    If you know someone who is on prescription medicine go to to print off a FREE prescription drug card that saves up to 75%. Just print it off and use it.

  • Tee-Tee

    @ MS. PHE….

    So much aggression towards this man….

    Damn do Jay owe you some child support…

  • ako


  • Notahater

    he was hot as hell on Storytellers last night. the show was good, his vibe was good, the live music was good…. i don’t know how anybody could see him perform and still claim he should retire. i’m sorry but he is the man and he should keep on keeping on!!!!!


    Who cares.

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    Throwing good money after bad. Dude’s spending millions to promote that piece of ish…Next week the charts will say it wasn’t worth it.

  • MsPhD

    Nice to see talent, brains, and style are still a comodity. Some of these new kids have no idea how to speak in an interview. Get yours J…

  • Kurt Eric Munroe

    I liked the way he told his stories. Quite visual and very funny. Charlie Rose was very cool, too.

  • Mike Baller

    Jay-Z’s attire is cool he can’t play dress-up all the time. Caught his concert on VH1 last nite. The Dude is still hittin them hard. His concert was off the chain it was almost like a Jazz set or something and he definitely rocked it. Big ups to Jay-Z and his album “American Gangster”. My boy is starting a new trend in hip hop called “Grown Folks Rap”. If you don’t have the CD go cop it. It’s truly a classic and maybe some of his best work yet.

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