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Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is your girl Bey on the cover of the December issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Damn, House of Dereon is trying to step their game up a bit and must’ve let Tina take a break from designing because the dresses in these shots look good. Definitely not crafted from the glittery gold mind of Tina Knowles.

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  • kcmochagirl



    she looks good

  • Aphatty

    She looks…….different in that cover pic. Something is off with her face.

    I love the dress though and the one she is wearing in the last photo is nice too….

  • Yaaahhh Bytch Yaaaaaah!!

    hey she actually looks nice in this mag…dress is on point too…too bad i wont buy the mag…it will be in some waiting room waiting for me to tear out the page with the perfume samples..

    “swiper keep swiping”

  • Lady Architect

    she looks very nice in these photos…luv that green dress!…they shouldve changed her eye shadow with each dress.

  • AND...

    I agree with Aphatty. Her face on the Cover shot looks weird. I don’t know what it is but something don’t look right and mind you I am a Bey fan so I love all her pics but this one is a little off. All the rest are good. I especially like the one in the green dress. She looks pretty and natural, not like she’s trying but just is.

  • AND...

    LOL@Yaaahhh Bytch Yaaaaaah!!

    For saying:

    “swiper keep swiping”

  • lacyd

    Her face does look strange on the cover.

  • Eye

    On the cover she is sporting the wonk eye. Poor thang. The dresses are cute, but they still haven’t quite figured out the material part. finally, no lace front, just a weave in the back.

  • kelis

    Love the dresses, all of them. The inside pics are cute but on that cover her face looks FUGLY. She looks like a monster or something… her face don’t look right…

  • Yes I Said It

    Don’t like the cover but those dresses are nice. I remember hearing something about HOD launching a line of evening wear/prom attire. I guess that’s it. Way to step it up HOD!

  • Yaaahhh Bytch Yaaaaaah!!

    she’s squintin’ her left eye kinda hard…that’s what it is….

  • AND...


    Hey, in your pic, is that cat a sniper?

  • weezy

    Did you guys mess with the cover?

    Her eyes look crazy and her nose isn’t altered to make it look straight like how ever other black celebrity alters their photos.

  • Z

    maybe her face was digtally altered to make her appear as slim as “dreamgirl bey”

  • Maya

    She looks very nice in this photo spread. She took one step forward, let’s hope she doesn’t take two steps backwards…..

  • ThaBossLadee

    Wow, she’s so beautiful…Ppl need stop it, u just wish you had what she does, dammn…

  • Mahogany

    Cosmo keeps the public in the know on all sex tips.


  • sexiichar


  • Reena

    Those dresses are def a step up for House of DOO DOO Not trying to hate but she’s not looking as pretty as she usually does in the face. Something is different w/ the nose & eyes. Maybe it’s because she has on no eyeliner and no lacefront wig. She’s still cute but Lauren London & Christina Milan are cuter…

  • leah

    i agree wit the ppl who said her face was alittle off,,i think it’s because her smile is fake and she is grunting her teeth to hard..also her eyebrows are very high up ..thank god im not a stan

  • jazi

    the cover picture is jakked up!

    why does she keep doing those armpit poses?

  • Baby Please
  • txshawty

    Bey looks great…she should consider less gold, she’s just a glamorous and good-looking

    {Busts out with ‘Get Me Bodied’ dance number}

    LacyD..I LOVE THAT GRAVY! lol

  • txshawty

    **just as

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