Last-Second Move: Celebrities Caught Cheating Right Before Their Wedding

- By Bossip Staff
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Cheating on your wedding night, though? Yikes.

Celebrities Cheating Right Around Wedding Night

Wedding nights are supposed to be all about your spouse…the person you love and know you’ll spend the next few years rest of your life with. But some people can’t wait a split second to start cheating on their spouses.

These celebrities cheated rigggght up on their wedding night. Horrible.

Mario Lopez – He admitted to cheating on Ali Landry less than a week before their wedding.

OchoCinco – He allegedly cheated on Evelyn right before they got married…how’d that work out?

Leah Messer – This reality “star” admitted to cheating on her husband a week before their wedding. Ratings…

Jim Finn – He was a football player who cheated on his wife ON THEIR WEDDING NIGHT. She was sleeping and he snuck out.

Tiger Woods – Yup…you knew his name was coming here. He apparently handled business immediately before and after.

Michael Jordan – Rumors said he was dirty dogging right around when he was marrying Juanita. Championship style.

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    Eric Benet – He’s an addict so the rumors spread that he was dirty dogging all the way through the buildup and actual marriage. Cheating on Halle Berry. Sigh.

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