That Chick Cray! Woman Gets Knifed On 6 Train For “Staring” At Nutty Broad

- By Bossip Staff

What you looking at? Be careful who your eyes land on when riding the subway, looking at the wrong person the wrong way can land you in the hospital or dead!

Via NYPost reports:

A knife-wielding psycho savagely attacked a woman on a No. 6 train during yesterday’s morning rush hour in Midtown — simply because the victim had stared at her, cops said.

The suspect, Ashley Jacob, 31, allegedly stabbed Heather Burke, 39, in the stomach and shoulder aboard the northbound train as it entered the 59th Street station at Lexington Avenue just before 10 a.m.

Another rider intervened during the assault, and an onlooker nabbed the alleged attacker.

Jacob was placed in a restraining device and hauled away.

Burke was taken to a hospital and was in stable condition.

WTF is wrong with people? We’re glad Ms. Burke is doing okay. She probably will never ride the train again after that trauma. SMH.

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