For Discussion: RHOA Diva Kenya Moore Says Black Female Reality Stars Aren’t Stereotypical & Represent Women From All Walks Of Life….Do You Agree?

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Kenya Moore Says Black Female Reality Stars Represent Women From All Walks Of Life

RHOA cast member Kenya Moore is speaking out and speaking up to defend the bad rap that she and other black female reality stars get for their actions and portrayal on reality tv.

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry caught up with Kenya at the 2013 Essence Festival in New Orleans and put her on the spot about the complicated nature of her wild-banshee reality tv persona, and Kenya had this to say:

“Well I think with our show, we are the number one show on the Bravo network and that’s for a reason.

It’s because when people…..Black, White, Asian, watch our show, when women watch our show, they identify with what they’re seeing. They’re mothers, they’re business women, they’re married in relationships ..or not. And you show them in everyday circumstances dealing with their problems and trying to navigate their lives and that’s what women identify with.

It’s not necessarily  [just] the negative aspect, although you do see some of that.”

Hmmmm. Not so sure the average woman can identify with some of Kenya’s made-for-tv foolery but, she could have a point. What do you think, Bossip fam?

Check out Kenya’s full answer to Melissa Harris Perry’s question in the video below.

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