Ho Sit Down: Ice Cube Says “F Dwight Howard, We Don’t Need Beyotches On Our Team!” During Live Performance! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Cube is still a n**** with an attitude.

Ice Cube Says Dwight Howard Is A B****

Ice Cube is a devout follower of Laker Nation, so it comes as no shock that he is PAST pissed off that Dwight “D-Ho” Howard fled the city of angels for the double-cups of Houston.

But this is Ice muhfuggin Cube. Don Mega. The ninja driving the gangsta-azz low-rider in Boyz N’ The Hood. He’s not going to sit idly by and keep his feelings to himself. He’s gonna say that isht loud, proud, and on stage with a microphone!

Cube doesn’t fawk with Dwight OR his beyotch-azz shirts he be wearin’.

Just look at him…smh

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