Bobby “BooBoo” Brown Embarking on 5th Kid

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

As if Bobby Brown’s satanic loins have not produced enough crack induced sperm into society already…his new baby moms is stepping into the a.m.:

We’ve heard that Bobby Brown’s girlfriend/manager Alicia Etheridge is about four months pregnant. Bobby and Alicia started off as business partners and friends more than 10 years ago. They went public with their romantic relationship in an exclusive 2007 interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine. Of course, they were only confirming what paparrazi shots of their PDA had already revealed. Bobby said he was going to make this relationship work and things seem be going as planned. This will be Alicia’s first child and Bobby’s fifth. Congrats!

Alicia is rich because of Whitney as well, so at least they have something in common. They both look like they are hitting the flute.


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  • Never Know

    thats crazy

  • WakeUPeople

    Why can’t these women use birth control or condoms, such a shame, all these black kids being born out of wedlock!!

  • opa-locka 305

    bossip is a real ass for doing this story about bobby brown, what, no more story about 50 or amy winehouse, dumb ass reporters….

  • PhillyYoungGrownWoman


  • Reesie....of Cephus and Reesie


  • LMA

    so was she screwing him all along? 10yrs as business partners, and now your pregnant? something smells fishy.

  • PURPPLE, just call me TADOW

    Ok bossip just send me an email letting me know you want me to be one of your writers, i have to decline though i have too many jobs. Things I bring up seem to just pop up visually on your topic post…is it just me or are you following me?

  • http://~ Kigali(NotWorkingWithaFullClip)akaHannibal-d-HungriestHo

    not nare one of them is sober on that couch, smh. That lady looks beat, like she is cute somewhere under that smoked-out look. shame

  • http://~ Kigali(NotWorkingWithaFullClip)akaHannibal-d-HungriestHo

    @ Marqui

    I’m surprised he’s not with a white women, because most often, they are the one’s to care for these busted black men, like yourself(which is probably why your always chompin at the bit to lick the ass of a white person). You know, you should also stop pitting people against people, you trouble making douche nozzle.

  • Nique


  • noelle

    If that’s the case, me and Kanye both look like crackheads right about now…lol!!! But aint none of us smokin’ dope!!

  • noelle

    Cause shit we look A MESS….te-he

  • MsSmartiepants

    Your 3rd Bass quote is more relevant than Bobby, Macy, and Alicia combined.

  • SeptemberChick

    “satanic loins”? *lmao* y’all are so wild for that one

  • tia

    please people….woman is singular, women is plural. that sh*t kills me!

  • truth, iam a girl

    (Marquis) is speaking some truth, but not just black women are sleeping with dead beat worthless pathetic non working black men, but white and latinas as well! Women just looking for love and the love pool that we have to pick is small! YOu men need to get it together for real! I blame you pathetic simple minded me for your stank nasty horrific ways! Dont blame women get on the men too!

  • HoneyBrown

    “Satanic loins” ……. OMG Bossip! I have officially flatlined (beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) … DEAD!

  • Carla

    You know what funny ? I bet Bobby Brown and his kids will procreate children at the same time, lol….

  • WordtotheWise

    LMAO @ Kigali(NotWorkingWithaFullClip)akaHannibal-d-HungriestHo>>>Ditto!

    @truth, iam a girl>>>I’ve been saying that all along. People love giving these pathetic men a pass instead of calling them on their mess. How typical.

  • nicaw

    Maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t have a child with a man who already has four children. If I really wanted a child, I would look for a more reliable and stable partner.

  • free

    Wreckless Driver said “I’d rather be straight up and tell you the truth then waste your time and bullshit you all the while pretending that i don’t want other women. Bobby is a busted piece of shit but as long as these chicks keep thinking that they are “Special” and that they’re going to be the “ONE”then they are going to end up with a gut full of nut and a lifetime sentence in Mommy prison.”


    LOVE the realness. we need more of it. men DO know how to love but women don’t know how to tell if a man loves her or not. i’m not sure, based on what i’ve seen, if women even care.

  • GoodKarma4me

    That pic is scary

  • blow fly

    baby girl know who the king of r&b is.


    Did ‘truth, I am a girl’ just say “I blame you pathetic simple minded me”!!!! O, man. Freudian slip. LOL!!!


    Bobby looks like you can get three types of venereal diseases just by looking at him.

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