Hide Ya Booty? New Study Finds Homophobia Is Rooted In The Fear That Gays And Lesbians Will Hit On Heterosexual People

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Have you ever gotten hit on by a gay person?

Study Finds Homophobics Are Scared To Be Hit On By Gay People

Via HuffPo reports:

The complicated psychology of prejudice is something researchers struggle with continuously. Often, racism or homophobia is understood to be motivated by a variety of factors. Now, a report says sexual prejudice in particular may be strongly related to a deep-seated fear of being hit on by a member of the same sex.

Psychologists Angela G. Pirlott and Steven L. Neuberg, whose new study appears in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, write that their research shows how sexual prejudice among college students is tied to the belief that “certain sexual orientation groups direct unwanted sexual interest.”

“Then we began exploring the idea of a ‘sexual interest mismatch’ — that the sexual interests of the perceivers and their perceptions of the sexual interests of the different sexual orientation groups differed,” Pirlott told HuffPost. “In particular, that some sexual orientation groups might be perceived as directing unwanted sexual interest toward them.”

Using a sample size of 533 heterosexual students, the researchers asked two questions of each participant: What is the student’s own sexual preference in regard to members of the same sex, opposite sex or bisexual students; and to what extent does the student feel that these groups would be interested in having sex with the student?

In this way, the research did not explicitly ask students if they felt threatened, Neuberg explained over the phone. A range of related data gathered from the students helped the researchers infer whether students felt threatened or not.

“The patterns of prejudices map on nearly perfectly with perceptions of unwanted sexual interest,” Neuberg said.

Homophobia: Worried a gay man will treat you the way you treat straight women. Dear homophobes-don’t flatter yourselves.

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