Middle-Aged Midriff

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Why is it that every time we see a photograph of Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy, she’s rockin a little ass bare midriff top. By all means, get your money’s worth (personal training and Dr. 90210) but, damn, dress your age sometimes. SMH @ her hard face perfectly matching that hard body.

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  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    scary spice2

  • Jauron

    Can’t she get a better wig? Her melons are nice.

  • sassy

    Yes, she is hard. Her face is not aging well. If it wasn’t for her having babies I would swear she’s a tranny.

  • Mo

    Nice body!!!!

  • Bahama Mama


  • The guy they call Red

    Haters, haters, haters! dress your age?!!!! be serrrrus folks how bout dress your shape/bank account. if you got like she does and dont have to worry about EVER going to a job enterview then “get it girl” if your fat and broke then dress your age.

  • JaliliMaster

    The guy they call red-but-hole,

    How about dressing with class? Just ‘cuz someone has money is not reason enough to wear utter nonsense!

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspot.com Bird

    Women have mid life crisis’ too and Nicole is clearly in the middle of one. She looks fab and HAS to show it off at all times. It makes her feel better about her age. I’m right there with her and working my ass off to have her body so I can rock a mid drift shirt and low rise jeans.

  • EP

    She looks great and she’s a mother of five children. However, she does not have to show it off all the time!!

  • jazi

    hey if ya got it, flaunt it…but gawd dam what happen to her face!

  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please

    Her face is sooooooooooooooooo strange. Kinda cute tranny meets former model meets Ms. Olympia face.

    Somethin’ Ion’tnkow.


  • Mahogany

    I think she’s had botox.

    There are lines everywhere on her face except that forehead…expressionless up there, totally smooth.

    I’m just sayin.

  • People of color

    Nice body but her face need a lift.

  • sasha

    she’s ugly

  • amazonia

    She’s one of those women that are allways fishing for a complement.

    She wants people to say:

    ‘Oh my god, you had 5 kids!! Shut up! You look amazing’

    Oh well. Whatever gets her out of bed at morning.

    Hmmm. She sure goes out a lot for a mother of 5.

  • helltothanaw

    Yikes!!! OMG, I wonder what she’s gonna look like 5 years from now… Oh gawd, I just got a mental picture, neva mind…

  • shann934

    She needs to start dressing her age.

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  • Anonymous3

    the face is fug but she has one of the best bodys for someone who had 5 kids…

  • hey girl

    i think she is a man

  • http://sitfu.com sitfu.com

    Who cares.


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  • http://www.gravatar.com I wonder

    The wig is atrocious her stomach is nice……but her face is made of stone

  • aquarela

    She’s had 4 kids. Show it off girl!!!!

  • sasha

    yea and her face is made of stone too

  • Sugarsweet

    Im sorry but on this one..DON”T HATE!!!!! she looks damn GOOD!!!

  • Kay Phillips

    Dress in whatever flatters your body! This clearly flatters her body. NOTHING will flatter that face. Yikes!

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