Florida Crazies: 15-Year-Old And 3 Friends Charged With The Murder Of 2 Men Because They Thought It Was “Fun” To Kill People!

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These kids are all f***ed up nowadays.

Florida Teenager And 3 Friends Charged With Murder Of 2 Men For “Fun”

Via NYDailyNews

A group of twisted young people terrified a central Florida community when they went on a two-week shooting spree of people and homes, leaving two bystanders dead.

Konrad Schafer, a 15-year-old baby-faced boy who police say is a cold-blooded killer, told officers he thought it would be “fun” to shoot a person. If police are correct, Schafer did just that, fatally shooting 17-year-old David Guerrero in the back June 26 as the teen walked to work around 6:30 a.m.

“There was no indication whatsoever that what we have found that [Guerrero, the victim] was involved in any type of nefarious activity, just out trying to do the right thing,” Kissimmee police Chief Lee Massie said Tuesday at a press conference announcing the arrests. “Unfortunately, [we] had a couple of individuals who decided to take his life, for no apparent reason.”

Schafer’s father bought the .45 caliber Hi-Point carbine just one day before the shootings began June 25. The gang, which also included 17-year-old Victoria Rios and two 20-year-old men, Juan Sebastian Muriel and David Damus, started the spree by shooting homes and property – but quickly moved on to live targets.

After their first taste of killing, police say, the group waited until the night of July 3 to rob, attack and kill Eric Roopnarine. The 22-year-old victim allegedly scheduled to pay Rios $300 for sex. When he opened the door that night, the Orlando Sentinel reported, the gang rushed Roopnarine’s house, fatally shot him in the face and ransacked his home. Damus pulled the trigger in that crime while Schafer, police say, finished the job by slitting the man’s throat.

All four of the gang are charged with murder and a slew of other crimes.

Apparently Konrad’s pops is an “ain’t isht daddy” that enables his kids to horrific isht like this…

Schafer, too young to even legally own a firearm, had his father buy the weapon last month. Lothar Hans Schafer Jr. told police the weapon and 100 rounds of ammunition were for his son, who “was having problems with unidentified suspects in Poinciana, Fla.”

Shell casings found around Osceola County from 22 different shootings, including the two murders, matched the .45 caliber carbine, police say.

“[Konrad Schafer] just drove around and randomly picked targets, thought it was cool and when he saw Mr. Guerrero walking down the street at 6-something in the morning, he thought it would be fun to shoot a person,” Massie said, “so he eventually made that decision and took Mr. Guerrero’s life with that firearm.”

Listen, they need to fry lil’ Konrad crazy azz, lock his friends up for life, AND put an orange jumpsuit and cuffs on the punk azz father that bought a high-powered rifle with 100 rounds of ammo for a cotdamn teenager!


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