Hi Hater: Rush Limbaugh Criticizes Camel And Beyawnsay For “Magna Carta” N-Word Usage

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At any rate, the deal was that you’re gonna be able to receive free via download with your new Samsung phone the latest Jay-Z CD, and it’s Magna Carta … Holy Grail. It’s a new album. Magna Carta … Holy Grail. Now, the first million or the first 500,000, whatever it was, but here’s the thing. The app that Samsung used to download it, provide it, collected all kinds of data on the telephone owners. It was a data mining app that they used to provide the free Jay-Z album with. And there was an article published on July 4th in the New York Times criticizing Jay-Z and Samsung for using this app that required users to supply their phone status and their identity and their Facebook or Twitter information, which then gave Samsung and Roc Nation — that’s Carter’s holding company — gave them access to all of this private data from the fans.

Now, the fans, you can imagine, were totally clueless. They had no idea. They just thought, “Holy, wowie zowie, Jay-Z, Magna Carta … Holy Grail for free.” And they did what they had to do, and they ended up having every bit of data about themselves transferred from their phone back to Samsung and whoever else. I don’t really know who else got it. Maybe the NSA, maybe Vladimir Putin, who knows who got it, Edward Snowden on his way to Venezuela. They granted him asylum down there. So Politico went and talked to Jay-Z about this, about all this data mining, and according to Dylan Byers, Politico: “Shawn Carter (aka Jay-Z) appears to agree that the data-mining involved in the rollout for his new album, Magna Carta … Holy Grail, was too invasive.”

There was a Twitter back-and-forth between The Politico writer and Mr. Z. And Dylan Byers tweeted: “What’s your reaction to NY Times charge that your MCHG rollout was invasive in its surveillance of your fans?” And Mr. Carter, Mr. Z, tweeted back: “sux must do better.” Sucks spelled s-u-x. “Sux must do better.”

Rush and Paula Deen would make a nice lil’ prejudiced and bigot-y couple, wouldn’t they?


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