Steebie J Says He Wants Joseline To Compete With Rihanna And Beyonce

I Am Jose Fierce: Steebie J Says He’s Preparing Joseline To Compete With Rihanna And Beyonce

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Pimpager Steebie J talks respecting Joseline’s hustle and molding her into Beyianna

Steebie J Says He’s Preparing Joseline To Compete With Rihanna And Beyonce

LHHATL loveryboy Steebie J has always been an open book when it comes to his relationship with fellow cast member Joseline and he seems to be keeping with that same approach on this season of the show.

Steebie recently sat down with VLAD TV for a quick chat about his ride-or-die misses where he gave a few brief details on the current status of their relationship, why he continues to manage Joseline despite her naysayers and more.

Check out a few excerpts below:

On why he respects Joseline’s hustle and continues to manage her:
With Joseline, I can say this in all seriousness, I’ve seen alot of women in my day as far as business goes – she is going to work seven days a week, so I respect that. As a businessman I respect that, I value that.

I’m doing this because I have an eye for talent. I know what I believe in and I know what the people wanna see. And it’s paying off.

On where he and Joseline stand right now:
At this moment we’re standing at the bank. We be closin’ deals.

Steebie also went on to say that he helped Joseline ‘soften up’ her look to be able to compete with the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna.

On Joseline’s rough appearance when he first met her:
I mean, y’all saw her on the green screen, pokin’ it out, you know what I mean, just thugged out. I softened it up, sweetened it up, sexy it out, let’s get it right. Can’t be looking like that competing with the Bey’s and the Rih’s of the world. Gotta get right. Guidance.

We do have to admit that Joseline has been looking much more feminine and put together this season than we’ve ever seen.

Do you think pimpager Steebie did a good job of grooming her for these dreams of entertainer superstardom that they both seem to believe will come true?

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