Really?? College Administrators Tell Sex Assault Victim That Forced Sex “Is Like A Football Game….Think About What You Could’ve Done Differently”

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Forced Sex Victim Says She Was Blamed For Suffering Sex Assault

Victim-blaming in cases of sex assault has been widespread, controversial issue for a while now and the discussion doesn’t seem to be dying down at all, especially since forced-sex victims are still being blamed for “their part” in the attack.

HuffPost Live recently hosted a discussion on the topic along with sex assault survivors on how those who speak out about being assaulted can ensure that they won’t be blamed, and one of the women made a disturbing revelation about how she was treated by her college officials when she reported a sex assault incident.

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One in four women will [suffer sex assault] before graduating from college — a sobering statistic that all women in American universities face. While more students are coming forward with their stories, many have found that demanding justice from their college administrators is easier said than done.

HuffPost Live hosted a discussion on how we can ensure that sexual assault victims who seek help aren’t stifled. During the segment, sexual assault survivor Annie Clark shared her own experience dealing with the aftermath of assault on campus.

“When I reported my [sex assault], I was told that “forced sex” is like a football game, and if I looked back on it, what would I have done differently in that situation,” she told host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.

“So I was basically being really blamed for something that had happened to me.”

It’s a shame that this is the type of treatment women get after making the tough decision to speak out about what happened to them.

Do you think the instances of women who claimed to have been assaulted only to later be caught in a lie should dictate how authorities deal with women who aren’t lying also?


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