Hide Ya Kids: One Time Pops Georgia Man After 10-Year-Old Girl Catches Him Making Sweet Love To … A Pool Raft

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This is disgusting… A Georgia man who has been caught a gang of times getting it poppin’ with inflatables was spotted sexing up a raft by his 10-year-old neighbor!

Via AJC reports:

A Hamilton man repeatedly arrested for public indecency has again been indicted after a child saw him engaging in sex with a rubber raft last month, according to police.

Edwin Charles Tobergta, 34, of Harmon Avenue, was arrested June 17 for allegedly stepping out his back door in the buff at about 1:20 p.m. on June 15 and having “sexual relations with a rubber pool float,” according to the Hamilton police report.

In 2011, Tobergta was accused of having sex with a neighbor’s pool float. In 2002, a woman told police he did the same thing with an inflatable Halloween decoration in her yard.

Tobergta was indicted by a Butler County grand jury Wednesday for pubic indecency, a fifth-degree felony. If convicted, he faces 12 months behind bars.

Tobergta is being held at the Butler County Jail on $25,000 bond. He is scheduled to be arraigned July 23 before Butler County Common Pleas Judge Charles Pater.

Theresa Teague’s 10-year-old daughter was enjoying her new swimming pool when she ran back inside her house and said, “Edwin was doing something weird out there.”

Tobergta was caught in the sex act with an orange inflatable toy that Teague said a neighbor had put out for the trash.

She said her daughter saw Tobergta’s genitals. The girl is now hesitant to play in the back yard, even though she knows Tobergta is in jail, according to Teague.

“We are looking at putting her in counseling,” she said.

Teague moved to the neighborhood in October and said she had no idea about Tobergta’s past.

Tobergta has been arrested at least five times previously for similar offenses, according to Hamilton Municipal Court records.

In August 2011, Tobergta, was arrested at his home after he was seen engaging in sexual conduct with a pink inflatable swimming pool raft, according to police records. The incident allegedly occurred in an alley behind his home. The witness, who was the owner of the raft, reported to police that the suspect took the raft with him after being shouted at to stop, according to records.

After the 2011 arrest, police said Tobergta admitted to the act and told officers that he has a problem and needs help.

After a July 2008 conviction for felony public indecency, he was sentenced to five years community control. In that incident, officers responded to a home on Howell Avenue to a report of a nekked man standing in a neighbor’s yard engaging in sexual activity, according to records.

In December 2006, Tobergta was charged with public indecency and aggravated menacing while being held at the Butler County Jail. Deputies reported that Tobergta began to remove his uniform and exposed his genitals to a corrections officer. Deputies reported that Tobergta refused to put his uniform back on, attempted to grab an officer and threatened to sexually assault that officer.

SMH. This guy has problems. Why not just buy a blow-up doll and call it a day.

We hope that poor girl gets help so she can recover and move on with her life.


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