Rumor Mill: Is Rih-Rih Officially Back To Letting Drake Bust Her Bajan Box Wide Open Now That Breezy Is Out Of The Picture?

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Phuck yo enemy…..literally?

Have Rihanna And Drake Officially Rekindled Their Relationship?

It hasn’t been that long since Hollyweird struggle couple Rihanna and Chris Brown called it quits, but the rumor mill is buzzing about Rih-Rih running back into the arms of her ex Breezy-boo’s arch nemesis Drake.

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Rihanna has reportedly moved on from Chris Brown by dating her former flame Drake who she was involved with in 2010 and 2011.

“When she was dating Chris, he banned her from talking to Drake,” a source close to Rihanna told the latest edition of UK magazine “Look.”

“She really missed him during that time – yes, they went out years before but he was also a good friend to her – so calling him was one of the first things she did when she realized she was over Chris.”

This “source” goes on to say that Drake has been patiently waiting like a thirsty sidechick on Rih-Rih to throw Chris the deuces and knew it would eventually happen.

Friends close to Drake say the star anticipated Rihanna and Chris’ split. The 26-year-old chart topper allegedly never stopped loving the Barbadian beauty and even sacrificed his happiness in pursuit of her.

“[Drake’s been] waiting patiently on the sidelines. Just over a month ago, Drake gave Rihanna an ultimatum. He told her he needed to move on if she wasn’t going to commit,” an insider explained.

“His love life was paused when Chris and Rihanna reunited, and Drake claims it caused him stress headaches, writer’s block and anxiety. He was obviously sick of it, but Rihanna wasn’t ready for him. Now Chris and Rihanna are done for good, Drake might finally get his chance.”

Rihanna and Drake have been increasing communication with each other over the past few weeks. Sources say Rihanna has even started to think she made the wrong decision courting Chris over Drake.

“Since that first phone call they’ve been talking again a lot and have such a connection,” an insider continued.

“She even hinted in one message that she chose the wrong guy.”

Depending on how much of this is actually true, Rih-Rih must be really aiming to hit Breezy below the belt this time around and she seems to know juuuust how to get to him.

However, Drake seemed over this love triangle drama not long ago when he finally addressed the situation between the three of them in a recent interview so, would he really backtrack now? WE.O.E.N.O.

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