Love & Hip Hop: Kirk And Rasheeda Accused Of Faking Dirty Dog Drama Because They Wanted To Cash In On Money Making Reality Fame

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Have broke azz Rasheeda and Kirk been faking their marriage problems just for a VH1 check??

Kirk And Rasheeda Accused Of Faking Marriage Problems

It is no secret that reality TV shows are not always “real” and are often scripted for ratings. Now, outspoken talk show host Wendy Williams is accusing Kirk Frost and his wife Rasheeda of lying about marital problems to make headlines on VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta.”

Via IBTimes reports:

“First of all Rasheeda, you and Kirk are ratchet for drumming up this story line, right here. Okay? Cuz you know what you’re doing, cuz Stevie and my Puerto Rican princess, Joseline, were the popular couple [sic]. And you and your husband, or whatever you wanna call that animal, you all did this as a plot to get popular on that show. It’s a shame what people will do to stay on this reality tv,” Williams said. She went on to compare it to reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which stars Kim and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney.

“This is worse than the Kardashians. This is got to be the most ratchet [of] all reality shows on tv. It is disgusting but I cannot stop watching. Let me just say this. None of you’ll call, I don’t want you to come on the show. It’s just that I do watch, but you’re not suitable guest(s) for the show, except for you my Puerto Rican princess Joseline, but I can’t really understand what she says so we’ll do the closed captioning,” Williams continued.

On the show, Frost has made a name for himself during the second season by cheating on his rapper wife of 10 years, Rasheeda, who is also pregnant with his child. In addition to cheating on her, he has also hinted that she should get an abortion as he is not sure if the baby is his. Fans of the show and of the couple have been outraged by his cheating ways.

Do you think Wendy is right?? Hit the flip to hear what a source has to say about their struggle financial situation that forced them to pimp their marriage to the world.

A close friend of the couple tipped us off to their shady relationship…

Kirk and Rasheeda are faking. If you need any proof of this, take a close look at who Kirk is “cheating” with. Mary Jane is not a stranger to Kirk and Rasheeda. She’s actually in their inner circle because she was one of the stars of Memphitz’s reality show “Real Mistresses of Atlanta.” The show didn’t get picked up because none of the major networks wanted anything to do with it. Don’t forget Memphitz is Toya Wright’s hubby and Toya and Memphitz are in on it too. Rasheeda and Kirk were almost fired from that show, but they had a meeting with Mona and promised they would “let loose” a little more for the cameras. People don’t understand that despite what Rasheeda says, they are broke! They need the VH1 money! They came up with this fake storyline and called on Toya and Memphitz to put all the pieces together. Mary Jane was perfect because she’s still not very well known, and she’ll do anything for money. She doesn’t care what people think of her either.

And for the record, Kirk is a good husband. These two really do love each other and he would never do the things he’s doing on the show in real life. But money problems made them feel like they had to do whatever they had to do to stay on the show.


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