Would You Hit This…Pound Cake???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We got to thinking, some of you men love you some big cakes. The secret addiction to humongous cakes is dormant, but still alive.  We see your sickness.

Would you hit this???


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  • PrezidentialWun

    First ….. NEVER!!!

  • PrezidentialWun

    Theres one thing about being big and shapely but just BIG never works… Even a small nice lil ass with good shape and a nice waist works for me… Most chicks with asses that are JUST big are over-rated…

  • LondonChicka

    do you know whats funny???? is there are some brothas out there that would bang her lol we know how they love Plus sizes!!!!

  • http://~ Kigali(NotWorkingWithaFullClip)akaHannibal-d-HungriestHo


  • Betty

    ewww i shuddered just now

  • cocoa49

    well he would have to find it first….then i wonder how and what position he would use to get to it……damn

  • JillyBean819

    God bless the material used as underwear to fit this locomotive b/c I know that shit is struggling to keep from ripping to shreds.

  • Avatar

    Some dude would have to slap the thigh and ride the wave in…

  • Lady J


  • http://bossip NIKA

    ^^^….most low self esteem havin black dudes wud… LITTLE BLACK ^^^

  • Magz

    is it halloween? that’s scary.

  • unbelievable

    how would i?

  • Rocko

    I’d hit that ass like the fist of an angry God

  • Honeycream

    At least some of these men are telling the truth. Cause someone is waxin’ that ass right now… as I f^ing faint!

  • http://www.stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We "Blacks" Are The Real Hebrew Israelites

    Kigali…where are you? Why aren’t you defending your Pink Masters on this post? Ya dumb ass cuntress

  • Oh Bish Pleaze!

    different strokes for different folks!!!!!

  • lisa

    Cause she’s a whooty…

  • A screen name is hard to find....just like a good man is

    i’d hit it with a fresh side a BeeF and throw some kEtChup on it for good measure 😐

  • RE RE

    Is this Deelishis?



  • Blackberrylover

    Damn I will admit that I eat pork but seeing lump of protoplasm have totally turn me off pork….cause that’s what she looks like. I know some brothers will and are doing so now as we gawk oops gag my neighbor a small black man from one of them small islands in the Caribbean is hitting a big piece of blob now. My suspicion is that he is looking for his residency in this country because it can be for no other reason. Each time I see them I turn the other way cause I am ashamed for the brother. Dag!! (shuddering)

  • Mistah Swirl

    white womins!

  • Carla

    You know what’s sad, some pathetic Black guy would get with her, lol….

  • always knew

    @”Blacks” Are The Real Hebrew Israelites

    Kigali…where are you? Why aren’t you defending your Pink Masters on this post? Ya dumb ass cuntress


    lmao, comment was funny as all get out…This is certainly a sight for sore eyes:)

    I don’t understand how they do it ( blk men)…Truly disgusting…Well, even now you have some blk men that would still screw it…Nastiness at it’s finest:)!

  • chris J chris12586@hotmail.com

    i would stick my 10 inch black di*k allll up her shit.. i would beat the breaks off taht

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