Random Ridiculousness: Married Lawyer Sues Apple For Not Blocking His Access To Freaky Flicks After He Types F***book Into Google Instead Of Facebook

- By Bossip Staff

This dude is clearly piff-puffin’ on something.

Man Blames Apple For Not Blocking Freaky Flicks

According to Mail Online

A married Nashville lawyer and amateur model is suing Apple claiming the tech giant should have blocked him from accessing freaky flicks when he, apparently by accident, typed ‘F***book.com instead of Facebook into Google.

Chris Sevier, 36, filed a 50-page complaint in federal court last month claiming the supposedly innocent spelling mistake resulted in him viewing a plethora of freaky images that ‘appealed to his biological sensibilities as a male and lead to an unwanted addiction,’ which then ‘poisoned his life’ and ruined his marriage.

Sevier, an army veteran who on a Model Mayhem profile lists his age as 26, states in the suit that Apple should sell all products with an installed freaky flick-filter. He is seeking damages from the company.

‘The Plaintiff is a victim of Apple’s product that was sold to him without any warning of the damage the freaky flicks caused,’ the suit reads.

‘In using safari, the Plaintiff accidentally misspelled “facebook.com” which lead him to “f***book.com” and a host of web sites that caused him to see freaky images that appealed to his biological sensibilities as a male and lead to an unwanted addiction with adverse consequences.’

He added: ‘But for the Plaintiff’s use of the Apple product, the quality of the Plaintiff’s life would have been much better and injury would have been avoided.’

Servier goes on in the complaint to allege ‘unfair competition’ between the porn stars and his wife, brought about by his use of the Apple product, and thus ‘interference of the marital contract.’

This dude is a grown azz man…if he wants to look at freaky flicks then that’s cool, but don’t blame your freakdom on Apple. We bet his iPhone is hella sticky when he’s done with his freaky flick sessions. Ewww.


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