For Discussion: They Say They Don’t Care, But Did The Use Of The Word “Cr*cker” Really Decide This Case? [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Some white folks will tell you “Cra*ker” is not offensive to them and some will say they dont know what it means, but like the George Zimmerman jury… it must have meant something to them and made them feel some kind of way. Why else would they ask for the meaning? The jury asking for the meaning means they probably are disassociated with black people… besides work or tv. Dare we say, some of the jury probably doesn’t associate with black people… period.

The census of all the reporters and contributors is basic… white people (for the most part) believe Zimmerman is not guilty, and on the opposite side… most blacks believe Zimmerman IS guilty. One Fox analysts said “Trayvon is the racist” after hearing the cr*cker statement. The jury must’ve felt the same way, or how else could you justify an unarmed boy being killed by a vigilante?

Then we hear about the crime in the neighborhood and how it was done by black people. So, this is a justification in the minds of the jurors to kill an unarmed teen. Some of the staff are really upset while others here feel more compelled to help the totality of gun violence in the ghettos and hoods across America. “Why are you so mad at Zimmerman, but not at the countless number of black lives lost to gang violence?” Some staff have kids and some don’t… that seems to be the deciding factor in this argument. Good points…but what do you all think?


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