Jennifer Who?

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a clip of the show “Star King” where a little Asian girl kills that “And I Am Telling You”. More Friday fun.

*Thanks Dion

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  • Heather

    First? I’ve seen this before. This girl has a great voice.

  • greenivy


  • AND...

    No speakers on my computer at work. DAMN,DAMN, DAAAMN. *in shanana voice*


    Yeah, she did kill it.

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  • hey

    whaaaaaaaaat!? this lil’ Asian heffa can sang.

  • Fan

    She gave me goosebumps!! This girl can sing and she has attitude too.

  • Anonymous3

    Okay if this is real I have officially been put in my place…a little Asian girl sounding just like Jennifer Hudson!!!!

  • justhetruth

    Dizzzaaaammmm!!!! Girlfriend can sang!! Got the chills!

  • Candace

    That girl can blow – Daaaaaaaaamn!

  • Traycee

    DAYUM!!!!!! That girl gave me chills! Awesome voice!

  • Bronx Brawler

    She’s pulling an Ashley Simpson

  • robbie

    I mean im loving it,- but whats with the bubbles?? and all the damn crowd noise. Diddy sign this girl stat. Swap Cassie out.

  • Aphatty

    She does a cover of Bouncy’s “Listen” too – and homegirl does not miss a note. She’s pretty amazing….

  • Kel

    just like Jennifer Hudson??? Please! Jennifer could take a few lessons from her!! Pure Amazement!!

  • Kim

    I saw this the other day. Very impressed!

    @ robbie

    Diddy wouldn’t know what to do with REAL talent.

  • colocha

    WOW! That girl can SINGGGGGGGG. She’s got a natural talent for the stage too.

  • Kevin

    OMG! Sorry Ashlee Simpson, and Jessica for that matter, oh and Britney – this is talent. Listen, and learn.

    Who’s her manager!


    Cassie Who! Please!

    Agreed. Diddy doesn’t know what to do with true talent.

  • mjoylaw

    DAAAAAAYUUUUM!!!! She don’t need dem jew’ries! That woman can SANG yall. GOODGODAMIGHTY, God can bless who He wanna

  • Shelley

    She is actually Filipino and yes, she can sing!!!

  • Cover Girl

    Sandra Rose posted this on her site a few weeks back. that lil ching chong can sing.

  • mjoylaw

    Got da nerve to snap her neck! Multiple times, and gone toss da mike? Gone girl!! KNOW you can SANG! Had to say it again, dang!

  • nga

    WOW!!! I love how she put the flavor in it by throwin the mic and giving us a little neck roll.

  • brownbarbie


  • greenivy

    but did ya’ll read some of the translated captions on the bottom of the screen!? Some of them are funny as hell

  • ohplease

    Damn. She kilt it.

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