Sanaa Lathan to Drop a Few For the Camera

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Sanaa Lathan addresses the masses via her blog about how her man loves her body, but the camera ain’t feelin’ it too much:

today is the day! i’m starting a 1200 cal diet plan. its feb 2nd, one month later than i originally intended. jan 2nd was the original date, but that never happened, obviously. i said to myself, ‘who cares about a diet?! history is being made, obama! obama! obama!’ as i went to one more celebratory dinner. i can still get into my skinny jeans, but they sho is tight! i gotta say i like my body this way, a little curvier, with more to hold onto and my man is not complaining, he’s very vocal about how he LOVES it. its that camera, that damn camera that adds 10 pounds and NOW the flat screen tv’s that tend to add another 10 pounds, that get me. i refuse to succumb to the fashionista pre-pubescent boy-look trend that is so prevalent. but the rock shirmp tempura has got to go, for now. : (

Does Sanaa need to shut the heck up with the chunky monkey talk, or can she actually stand to drop a few lbs??

More pics below.


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  • blackpride09


  • Aunt Viv

    I think Sanaa looks great.

  • BallerAlert

    She looks fine but HOllywood might think otherwise..good luck.

  • Man, I just don't care

    I love this woman… LOL at her “man” liking her body. Nigga please.

    She looking good and tastey though…

  • Oh No

    So basically she is trying to lose 20lbs or more to look thin on camera? That is great and all but it truly shows how F-UP Hollyweird is.

    Also, who is her man?

  • Sawyer

    Her body aside, she has acting chops so people will support her movies based off that more than her body!

  • Eye

    Actually, she could afford to loose a few pounds. On camera, it is best to be in tip top shape with no extra handles. If it were everyday average, she would be fine, but this is for the camera’s. You really do want to look your best.

  • http://~ Kigali(NotWorkingWithaFullClip)akaHannibal-d-HungriestHo

    not feeling this outfit, but I’m loving the makeup…

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!



    She is absolutely gorgeous…..Hollywood is a crazy place…but I look heavier in pics too…so she’s doing what makes her happy..I”v already started my spring workout..a mile a day around the job….thirty minutes on the bike during my favorite tv show and way more fruits and veggies…You know how we feel when the weather breaks and your not ready….

  • Soulwoman

    Is it really neccessary to blog about this? Get over yourself Sanna.

    Furthermore, she isn’t making sense. If she loves her body why do you . What she is saying is that she is trying to fit into the Hollywood mold, even though she is denying it. Meagan Good made a similar comment when she gained weight. She said she didn’t have a problem with it but the producers would tell her when she went on auditions to loose weight.

    I’m so sick of these Hollywood chicks telling women to love themselves yet they are always trying to change who they are.

    p.s. Sanna is dating Adewale Oguynleye. He plays for the Chicago Bears.

  • Tealeaf

    I wish she could get some better roles, I think she is very talented.

  • Nodonna

    Sanaa is fabulous! It’s sad that Hollywood puts more of a premium on the way a camera interprets curves than actual talent; which Ms. Lathan has in abundance.


    @ Oh No

    adewale ogunleye

  • maureen

    She just needs to tone up. Loosing 20lbs would make her skinny..loosing 10 would make her toned and hot.

  • Soulwoman

    She don’t need to loose weight, she just needs to tone up.

  • Rhea

    I have always loved Sanaa, she looks great just the way she is. But if she feels she needs to drop a few pounds for work purposes, then she has got to do what she has got to do.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Too bad she didn’t mention what size she wears. Judging by how she looks in pics I’m gonna say she is a size 6 tops. The camera really does add the pounds and I think it’s more than 10. I’d rather see her stand tall. To hell with what the camera says. People are not supposed to be starving themselves and if that is what it takes to maintain that Hollyweird weight then it’s Hollyweird that’s wrong not the actors and actresses.

  • Pimpin Willie Dynamite Supertight (Favor Gonna Kill You Faster Then A Bullet)

    Damn Sanaa, The finest sista on TV in my opinion…

  • http://Bossip The Admiral

    The only pounds she needs to worry about is me poundin her…She is a beautiful sister and I’m glad she isn’t into the Hollywierd lifestyle.

  • Christy

    I don’t think she should focus on pounds.. She should work out and eat right. but 1200 calories a day to lose is drastic.. That’s if you are really like 40lbs overweight and trying to lose it all in 3 months and you have to keep that eating style up.. If she eats good with a personal trainer she’ll have lean muscle mass and look flawless!!

  • Truthful

    first she needs to be truthful and say she is into women, that baller has moved on if she is referring to him.

    Once that blind item came out last week, it was predicted she would either flaunt a new man or pretend to have one.

    be who you are…

    “her man loves it… right” cute chick but sooo bi-polar.

    Those anti depressants put a ittle weight on, so I have heard..

    why would she need to bog about this ..ya ain’t fooling alot of us girl.

    ask Regina, if you’re too thick

    hee, hee

  • aletha

    Yes about 20 is good. Yes she is hot but lets face it, hollweird likes em skinny and so do we. I love curvy but for movies nah

  • justhafacts

    I personally think she’s one of the most beautiful, under rated black actresses out there. She’s fine just like that. I like being a curvy 8-10 as well.

  • emmy

    she’s beautiful. she just needs to learn how to not be wooden on screen. she has some acting chops, but she doesn’t use them very well…of course that could be a director’s problem for not directing her well.

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