Rocks: Christina Aguilera Wants To Jumpstart Her Hollyweird Career By Playing “A Crackhead On The Street Or A Drug Addict”

- By Bossip Staff

SMH @ this broad thirstin’ to play a junkie… Xtina is on her dirty girl ish again — but this time just in her desire to play a geeker on the big screen.

Via Yahoo reports:

Christina Aguilera has spoken out about her desire to expand her acting career- by playing “A crackhead on the street, or a drug addict.”

The singer and The Voice coach made the move to the big screen in her first film ‘Burlesque’ alongside music legend Cher. However, Christina does not want to be tied down to musical films or parts that require her to sing.

According to E! Online X-tina wants to broaden her horizons and become involved with lots more acting projects. She has reportedly said, “I want it to be honest and genuine in expanding my wings and doing something really, really different.”

She then continued to give examples of the type of role that she would like to play: “A crackhead on the street, or a drug addict.”

Her reasoning behind these parts are because she wants to stretch her skills as an actress and that these would provide her with a challenge. Christina wants her next part in a film to be “Really outside of herself and outside of music.”
The ‘Dirty’ singer confided that she would not find it too difficult playing a character with a dark side, due to the fact that she is such a powerful woman in the business. “I’m known for not always being kind. I learned early on that you can’t always warm and fuzzy as you’ll get bulldozed over.”

Playing an addict shouldn’t be too hard for this jawn. We already heard about her off the chain freakazoid bedroom behavior and she never bothers to hide when she gets slizzed. Nice try acting like this ish would be a stretch though Christina!

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