Big Sean Won: Naya Rivera Shows Off Her Bangin Bawwwdy For Complex Magazine And Talks Not Being ‘Black Enough’ In High School

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Some hump day hauteness courtesy of Big Sean’s  lil Hollyweird tenderoni Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera Covers Complex Magazine

“Glee” cast member and current Big Sean honeybun Naya Rivera has got the goods and is showing them off for the latest issue of Complex Magazine.

Naya recently did a classy but bangin’ photo shoot with Complex and sat down to talk it up about everything from struggling to fit in because of her mixed heritage, to what she thought of Big Sean before he became her boo-thang and more.

Check out a few excerpts below:

via Complex Magazine

Despite being on TV as a kid, Naya confesses that she didn’t have classmates lining up to be her friend—much less asking for her autograph. “I wish I had more fun in high school,” she says. “I wasn’t allowed to hang out with the black kids because they thought I wasn’t black enough, which was a problem.” Naya’s dad, George, is Puerto Rican and her half-German, half-African-American mother was strict, religious, and didn’t let her go out much. “On Friday nights, me and my friend Madison would stand outside the liquor store and bribe older people walking by to buy us wine coolers to drink while we watched The Notebook,” says Naya.

Naya’s prom date was a guy on the football team. “He started talking about how skinny I was,” she recalls. “All of his friends were like, ‘You need a thick girl.’ He was grinding on every other girl at the dance while I sat alone at the table, looking like a señorita.”

“Then he said, ‘So are you coming to the hotel?’ And I was like, ‘No, my dad is picking me up. On top of that, you’re trying to have sex with me? How rude are you?’” she says. Whoever that guy was, he must be kicking himself right now. But Naya insists she’s not bitter. “Best believe I’ll be at that reunion though.”

That guy is definitely somewhere crying in the car. Hit the flip to hear what Naya had to say about falling for her G.O.O.D. music man Big Sean along with what he had to say about her when he randomly dropped in on the set of her ‘Complex’ photo shoot.

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