So Sad: 6-Year-Old Louisiana Girl Found Dead In Dumpster Days After She Disappeared From Bedroom

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Authorities have found the body of 6-year-old Ahlitta North, who disappeared from her bedroom in Harvey, La., over the weekend, in a dumpster not far from her home.

Louisiana Girl Found Dead In Dumpster

Via NewsOne reports:

According to, North’s mother said her daughter’s body was discovered around 1 a.m. Tuesday in a dumpster at the end of the apartment complex where she lived.

“I woke up to the detectives knocking on the door around 1:30, 1:40 something in the morning. So, I’m figuring something was really going on, because they wouldn’t be knocking on nobody’s door this time in the morning,” neighbor Janeisheia Biagas told the station.

“So I came out, and I answered the questions for them. They asked me did I see anybody move garbage cans. I threw up when I found out, I ain’t going to even lie. I threw up when I found out the little girl was missing, because I’m going to be real, it could be my niece, nephew, anybody,” she said.

Matthew Flugence, 20, who is the nephew of North’s stepfather, is wanted by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office for questioning. According to news reports and authorities, Flugence has an outstanding warrant for the alleged sexual battery of an 11-year-old.

“Flugence remains a person of interest, and we have yet to locate him,” said Sheriff’s spokesperson Col. John Fortunato. Flugence lived on the same block as Ahlitta, he said.

The little girl disappeared from her locked home sometime overnight Saturday. According to the girl’s mother and stepfather, the last time they saw her, she was asleep in her room.

Ahlitta’s stepfather said he and the girl’s mother took steps to secure their home before going to bed that night. They woke up in the morning to find the front door unlocked. Some of Ahlitta’s personal possessions were also missing. “I know I locked the door, the burglar bars, and the regular door,” said Albert Hill, the girl’s stepfather.

Neighbors said the area is not safe.

It is sick to witness this. Whoever is responsible for this tragedy is very low, disgusting and despicable indeed. Some folks just have no respect for human life. RIP!!!

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