Ladies “Out” in NYC

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Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland, Mya, and Kat De Luna come out for the Out 100 Awards last night in NYC.

We see you Jenn, flaunting the lips that everyone wants and the breasts that people pay for…

More pics under the hood…

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  • True That

    Mmmm…. Mmmmm…..licious

    That’s what I call “TRUE THAT”.

    This is almost as good as when Kayslay puts a glass of courvoisier on a ghetto girl’s bootae while she was standing up.


  • scorpio

    kelly looks fabulous!!! (now that fabo the rapper messed up the spelling, i always have to second guess when i type that word).

  • SMH

    when is her album coming out???

  • Jauron

    Hey Blaxson, second is not as good as first you f*ckin loser!!! J-Hud looks like an overweight gorilla, for real she should be in a cage at a zoo.

  • mama mia!

    really? i ain’t feeling kelly’s dress .. mya now, that is a red carpet dress .. not the necklace though, as for j’hud, she should lose that fur thingy shawl – she’d b straight – as for kat, can’t understand her chin – real talk

  • Baby Please

    That’s a beautiful pic of JHud.

    I talk about her on

  • Mzgapeach

    Jhud looks nice…..and I love kelly’s hair.

  • Sun Goddess

    No more hershey caramel kisses, JHUD. Save that for your man.

    Other than that, everyone is on point.

  • Mary J Blige

    i see Jennifer been raiding her grandma’s closet again. but she looks sweet!

    Kelly Rowland look like she just heard about her album sales

    Kat should close her moth & she’d look hot

  • Is You Tweaking?

    J-Hud looks good but I hate it when she blows kisses. She looks horrible doing that.

    Kelly Looks fab. And her hair’s on point.

    Kat’s face always looks like it’s dirty.

    I like Mya’s dress.

  • Mactanque
  • La. Finest

    J-Hud look great except for the lil fur thing, other than that she look fab! Kelly look good and really pretty in that second picture. Mya make up make her look like a old white women, but she still look good. Kat Deluna has a weird, but cute face IDK.

  • Bella

    All of the ladies look lovely.

  • JerseyBred

    Kelly was the best dressed hands down. I love that belt too.

  • NYCPryncess

    Jennifer looks cute but…


    I mean I get the whole “marilyn monroe” thing but a fake mole is a little much, that may have worked back on the cruise ships miss. hudson but your in the big time now!!!!

  • dani

    J-Hus looks nice right here!!!..She done put her on a girdle werk betch!!!!

  • dani

    oh yeah Kelly looks nice too..I didn’t notice her at first

  • mali

    kelly and j-hud both have gorgeous lips. mya’s looks classy and beautiful with the dress. i like kelly’s wig/weave game.

  • The Original Ebony
  • singular

    JHud looking quite fab! Kelly is so cute

  • Lili

    Andre could NOT have dressed her…she looks fab.

    I need that shrg in my life.

    I’m not feeling Kelly’s shoes and, despite the loud pattern, her dress is a little blase`…

    Kat’s shoes are hot, but her dress is not…

    Mya’s dress is very classic and cute.

  • I Have The Real Asian Hair

    Kelly, please stop trying to have the Asian looking hair with that fake wig and take off that fake mole.Even though you do look pretty but just be yourself….

  • Bet

    You go, Jenn. I’m with ya!


    a liitle fat

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