Brotherly Beef: 7 Lesser-Known Fights Kanye West And Jay-Z Have Had With Each Other

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7 Big Fights Between Jay-Z And Kanye West

Jay-Z made the news recently by revealing to the world that he and Kanye had a four-day fight over two songs Kanye wanted to save for Watch The Throne. People wanted to make it seem like they have some sort of rift, but the fact is they fight all the time.

Oh, you didn’t know?

Take a look at Jay and Kanye’s fights you may not know about.

On If Kanye West Can Rap – Back when Kanye started at Roc-a-Fella, he told Jay he’d be the best rapper ever. Jay would ignore him and they’d butt heads over getting Ye’s career started.

Madison Square Garden –When Jay-Z did his retirement concert in MSG and didn’t even invite Kanye to perform! Damn.

Coldplay – Kanye was mad that Jay-Z did a song with Coldplay after Kanye did it. Ye had the idea first and felt like Jay was biting him.

Watch The Throne Concert – They had fights over the way the concert would go. Kanye wanted an expensive concert and Jay wanted a chill one. Jay won.

Cat Fights – They were sort of thrust in the middle of a spat where Beyonce and Kim Kardashian didn’t want to speak to each other. So they had some issues…but it’s all good now.

Kim – Jay-Z wasn’t all for that relationship. But he finally came around…sorta.

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    Wayne and Drake – Kanye works with Wayne even though Weezy threatened to kidnap Beyonce. Jay makes songs with Drake even though he and Yeezy have a cold war. We don’t know if Jay and Kanye are actually arguing over this but they’re definitely a bit tense about it.

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