Jealousy? 9 Famous Women Normal Women Hate On The Most For No Reason

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Hi haters…

Women Normal Women Hate On

You ever see certain women on TV and your girlfriends or ladies in the room start sucking their teeth like it’s a platinum straw? Then you ever ask these women why they hate the celebrities and they have the craziest excuses? It happens all the time.

These women get hated on the most. Ladies, care to explain why?

Meagan Good
Reasons Given:
Alleged fake body parts, bad actress, alleged fake religious woman. Ok.

Reasons Given:
She can’t sing, she wasn’t really pregnant, blah blah blah

Reasons Given:
She sleeps around, she went back to Breezy, She can’t sing. It’s getting old.

Amber Rose
Reasons Given:
She sleeps around (With who? her boyfriends? SMH.), she used to be a pole hugger.

Nicki Minaj
Reasons Given:
Alleged fake body, crazy expressions, she can’t rap…blah blah blah

Serena Williams
Reasons Given:
She’s too muscular, she’s got a bad attitude, she did the C-walk on the court. Haters.

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    Gabrielle Union
    Reasons Given:
    she can’t act, she’s a homewrecker.  Sorry to break it to you but, it takes two.

    Keri Hilson
    Reasons Given:
    Stank attitude, she can’t sing, fake a$$ Beyonce. Welp.

    Kim Kardashian
    Reasons Given:
    Well, actually…there are some pretty good reasons. So it’s probably not hating.

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