Love & Hip Hop: Punk Azz Kirk Threatens To Catch Fade With Rasheeda’s Mother After She Runs Over His Dirt Bike And Sets It On Fire!

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Kirk is really ain’t isht!

Kirk Threatens Rasheeda’s Mom After She Runs Over His Bike

Love & Hip Hop is still heating up this summer! On the latest episode, Rasheeda‘s mom ran over Kirk’s bike and set it on fire like something out of ‘Waiting To Exhale.’

The dirty dog hubby hopped on his IG account after the episode and said his beloved dirt bike is still messed and threatened his mother-in-law with action if she doesn’t replace it very soon…

Who’s gonna check Ms.Shirline boo?!? Not Kirk’s punk azz! Hit the flip to see what Rasheeda as well as what her mama had to say about Kirk and the fire setting incident…

Via VH1 Blogs:

I saw pictures of you on Instagram on a motorcycle. Since you ride, didn’t you feel a little bad wrecking Kirk’s bike?

No. His was just a dirt bike. It was a $7,000 dirt bike but still. I don’t know if I would have been able to do it to any of his other ones. I might have. No, I probably would have. It would have made me feel bad, but I woulda done it! Whatever got in my way, that’s for sure.

What’s your current situation with Kirk, are you guys speaking?

Noooo. Not really. For real, that’s just so disrespectful and I don’t like that. I can’t take the disrespect.

The moms on this show all kick some azz.

Well, you know, hey, that’s old school stuff. Old school. And I’m even more past them, they don’t have a clue, I’m telling you. But I do. I know about life, believe that.

You’re not alone, most people agree with you. Nicki Minaj agrees with you.

I love it. That was crazy to me. I was like “Whaaaat? Nicki Minaj know who Ms. Shirleen is?” That was too good.

Well, I’m sure you’re gaining followers like crazy now.

Yes. Even at work, I was sitting at work today and a woman came up to my office and said “Put your name on this paper!” and I wrote my name and I said “For what?” and she said “You’re famous! Me and my husband was watching you last night! And now I got your autograph!” People at my salon that I’ve been doing for ten, twelve years ask me for my autograph. I’m like, you gotta be kiddin’ me! People are so serious, too. They just walk up to me — one woman said “My mom was like that, she spit in my husband’s face!” I was like “Oh my God!” I could go on with stories. But now everyone says “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” and I just tell them I have one of those familiar-looking faces. It is crazy, isn’t it?

Hit the flip to see what Rasheeda had to say about her hubby’s melted bike!


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