People Aint Isht: 10-Month-Old Baby Hospitalized After Eating Drugs That Belonged To Her Grandmother

- By Bossip Staff

You’re a grandmother…what are you doing with drugs?

Baby Hospitalized After Ingesting Drugs

According to Mail Online

A 36-year-old grandmother has been arrested after her 10-month-old granddaughter was found to have ingested drugs in Arkansas on Tuesday.

Marsha Ann Stevens put her granddaughter to bed at 9pm on Tuesday night but heard the baby screaming 10 minutes later.

The baby’s 20-year-old mother Courtney Stevens was also in the house and called 911 when the child began vomiting.

The baby was taken by ambulance to the St Bernard’s Medical Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas but when her condition worsened she was airlifted to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

According to the incident report, hospital staff said the baby’s eyes were open wide and she ‘could not stay still and was moving constantly and appeared to be very scared.’

Two others were arrested at the Stevens home for unrelated offenses.

The baby is still at the Children’s Hospital but her condition is improving. According to Breitbar, Courtney Stevens’ daughter will not be returned to her care.

Courtney Stevens said in a written statement to local reporters: ‘I cant have my baby back on the simple fact that my momma has a drug history and leaving my baby with my momma while I was going to a job interview was my fault. Their [sic] taking my baby because of that.’

Damn right they took that child away from her mother…does she honestly expect us to believe she had no idea. If you believe that, we have a bridge to sell you.

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