Time To Give It Up: 10 Celebrities Who Tried, But Just Could Not Get It Poppin’

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Success is hard to come by these days and celebrities have to stand out twice as much to make it. Some do and some don’t.

Here are 10 celebrities who tried to be successful, but fell short.

Keri Hilson

Keri tried to be a big pop star, but her career never really took off. Then she dissed King Bey and it was a wrap.


Ciara had two good songs recently, “Got Me Good” and “Body Party,” wtf happened? It’s like she tries (cough, cough) to step up her vocals and production and still gets ishtty first week sales. Somewhere Rihanna is laughing.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly had “Motivation,” “Kisses Down Low” and she aired out her business in “Dirty Laundry” and still she can’t get any love. At least Ciara had some success. Kelly has been shooting bricks since…forever.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy tries to remain relevant by being put on blast by Superhead, Kat Stacks and other hoes, but dude can’t seem to match the success of his previous hits.

Toni Braxton

We want to see Toni restored to her former greatness. Between health problems, bankruptcy, and Tamar, Toni is losing.

Lindsay Lohan

She tried with that Elizabeth Taylor movie to reclaim her former “Mean Girls” glory, but it just didn’t work. She is a washed up wigger.

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    Olivia should have been in the movie “Failure to Launch,” because baby girl never had a club banger. She needs to drop that zero Rich and get with a hero.

    Michelle Williams

    It’s not fun being unsuccessful and the butt of every Destiny’s Child joke. Part of Michelle and Kelly’s problem was bad management. Papa Knowles only cared about Bey. They got rid of him and still can’t shine. Tragic.


    Dude wants to be on Drake and Nicki’s level, but people don’t really feel him like that. Maybe he should raise hell like that kid who wanted off Young Money and find a new label. Time to shine homie.

    Paula Patton

    Paula should be on Halle Berry’s level right now, but sadly can’t rise past the level of a D-Lister. She has talent but chooses the wrong films. Still Robin and Paula…got to love D-List love.

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