No Love: Drake And J. Cole’s Song “Jodeci Freestyle” Sparks Anti-Bullying Backlash Over “Autistic” Lyric

- By Bossip Staff

J. Cole and Drake are way more talented than this.

Drake And J.Cole’s Song Sparks Controversy

When will these rappers learn to stay away from lyrics that target people with illnesses or disabilities. J. Cole and Drake are going to be weeping with Rick Ross soon…crying about losing that endorsement scrilla.

According to Spin Magazine

Even though it was released last month, Drake and J. Cole’s “Jodeci Freestyle” is now causing a bit of a problem. Specifically, over the Born Sinner rapper’s line, “I’m artistic, you niggas is autistic, r******d.”

Turns out some people aren’t too happy about that. As Fact reports, the Anti-Bullying Alliance and autism activist Anna Kennedy are calling on the rappers to offer an official apology and remove the offending lyric from the release. They started a petition on and it’s already garnered over 2,500 signatures since it was launched on July 13.

“It’s time we recognized people with autism for the exceptional human beings that they are and make a stand,” Kennedy’s statement reads. “Give us a Break!”

The petition only has a goal of 5,000 signatures, which should be reached soon. Then again, doesn’t exactly have any legal sway over Drake and J., so it’s feasible that nothing will come of this.

Artistic, autistic…wow they got bars-not.

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